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App description: Build and develop your space station, mine resources, trade with astronauts and aliens, challenge your friends in the weekly competitions and be the biggest space merchant ever!

Operate a space colony and expand it beyond limits! Merchants of Space is a manager game in space that has been waiting for the perfect leader just like you! Compete with thousands of players in the Federation leaderboard and pursue the ultimate goal: build the biggest space colony!

- A strategy manager game with limitless possibilities
- Weekly competition for in game bonuses
- Build spaceports, factories, casinos and many more
- Produce countless products, factory machines, spaceships, even tentacle hamsters
- Sell your products to friendly customers or evil aliens
- Trade with other players
- Deliver spaceships to the Federation
- Fill up the mysterious giant spaceship


POSSIBLE Games creates quality mobile games that entertain and challenge gamers of all levels. Merchants of Space was created by graphic designers, mobile game developers, sci-fi geeks, space nerds and a group of extraterrestrials.

hellscaretaker's comments:

08-21-2015, 05:14 AM
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This is a gem of a title that i come across, the whole idea is to build up your space station from the ground up. Its a shame that it does require a net connection which i cant understand why.

There is also a bug that you will need to be mindful of. To avoid it do NOT sell anything in the galactic market untill the game has shown you how over wise the game will lock up due to a item already being in the sell spot that the game wants you to use.

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08-21-2015, 10:07 AM
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Gameplay Video

04-10-2016, 08:58 AM

Merchants of Space: Build Your Galactic Business Empire could have been an interesting Mobile Game if the team at Possible Games had taken the time to actually polish it more and created something like an bigger World and an Story around the hole Space Trading Theme.

Merchants of Space: Build Your Galactic Business Empire starts as you would expect it with an InGame Tutorial that does teach you the basics of the Core Gameplay Mechanics of how to become an successful Trader while slowly but steady expand your Trading Station with different Moduls that allow you to expand the among of different products you can build and afterwards either sell those on the Online Market or sell it to some of those A.I controlled Merchants that visit your Space Station on a regular base.

What is at the begining pretty simple because of the limited products you can create does slowly expand over the first two hours into a brighter variety of different types of raw material that lead into an much bigger production range you can cover up with.

Following this path you sooner then later will end with an bigger Space Station that not only will make your Space Station look more attractive to other Space Trader (that are controlled by the A.I in the Game) but will also allow you to expand into more different kind of production types while you Level up your Space Station to have access to more facilities.

Expanding your Space Station will allow you at some point in the Game to use the Galactic Market where you will be able to trade with other Player in the Game everything you can produce in the Game or that you can obtain by archiving different goals in the Game like collecting 1000 Gold Coins in the Game or building a couple of Ships and then sell it to the Federation or the Pirates in the Game.

That hole production chain will lead to some extra points and depending on which Fraction (A.I Controlled) you sell your Goods the most to you will gain a bonus that could be more Gold, cheaper Prizes or something else in the Game depending on your position in their Rankings.

As you level up every of your production factories in the Game and gain more access to different products you can create the Game sadly kinda gets at that point very soulless. After two hours with the Game I kinda already had reached a point in the Game where I was wondering if there would be more then just tapping on those factories, ordering whatever I would need and then just wait till my goods get delivered.

After three hours with the Game I knew that there was nothing more then that and I had at that point already lost every interest I might have in the Game till then and just let the Game run while I was playing some other Game in the background.


I really had high expectations for Merchants of Space: Build Your Galactic Business Empire from Possible Games but sadly the Game is still after all those months it`s out on the AppStore and on Google Play not only bugged and as stable as a nodding dog during an sailing regatta but too so damn shallow which kills it completely for me.

It`s hard to believe that nobody over there at Possible Games thought that the Game is missing either an Story Mode that makes you just keep playing the Game longer then you would expect it or at least add something (Anything!) to the Game that would make us want to play it longer then those three hours I had already invested into the Game earlier this week.

What even is worse then the shallow Gameplay is that the Game probably never was even once(!) tested on an iPhone 6+/6+ S since if that would have been the case it would be clear from Day One that the UI is having issues on those two iDevice like not showing the hole Screen/Crashing now and then as soon as you return from an AppVideo to gain Free Crystonium/Icons that are stretched as hell/...

It`s not like the iPhone 6 Plus/iPhone 6 Plus S have been around one week before the Game had launched so sorry when I am saying this but we all know that the Apple Review Process for Appz is nowadays run by a bunch of Monkeys and/or Bots that wouldn`t even realize that a Game won`t start or is broken if that would be the case so I`m really suprised that nobody at Possible Games had realized that this Game might be better taken down from the AppStore till the current issues are fixed.

Rating: 1/5 - Broken & Shallow


For those wondering why every single of the screenshots that I have posted here on the Forum are cut, well that`s actually how the Game is being displayed on an iPhone 6s+ with the latest Build from earlier this week.
04-10-2016, 09:20 AM
i dont like space games but this one looks interesting
04-10-2016, 09:28 AM
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I thought this was a new release . Man how did this not get out on the radar