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App description: Smart Cookie Cat is a new unique and addictive reflection game. It's 100% clever!
Never before has such a simple game managed to tickle your brain this way!

Developed by OUAT Entertainment, this puzzle game puts your logical thinking and observation skills to the test!

Help Max, the Smart Cookie Cat, snatch his treasure back from the paws of those damn dogs! Cross arid valleys, hostile mountains and bewitched swamps, and avoid the traps set up by the canines!

Similar to Mahjong, but with a strategic dimension, this reflection game is one of a kind!
It's so easy to get started: you just need to collect all the objects by matching identical pairs. The game quickly becomes more complex though, as the path between two objects cannot be obstructed by obstacles and cannot have more than two bends. That's when things get tricky, but once you start, you can't stop!

Try it for yourself!

Rack your brain and find the right object combinations!
Hundreds of levels, new game mechanics to unlock, and increasingly nastier dogs to subdue!
09-02-2015, 09:48 AM