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App description: The ultimate shooting game.
For centuries bad vultures are circling over the world and try to plunge it into disaster.
For centuries mankind fights against them.
Go to the last hiding places, stand yourself behind a big slingshot and bang them away.
We wish you a happy bang bang!

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09-30-2009, 12:23 AM
Joined: Mar 2009
Posts: 6,272
The presentation and graphics of this game are decent. Bird and bomb sound effects are good, but there are no other sounds in the game. The gameplay is a little shallow, but is still oddly addicting. Basically for a long time vultures have been trying to destroy the world and mankind has been trying to fighting them off, so you find yourself a couple good locations and a big slingshot to try and take all the vultures out. You can play in 2 different locations(of your choice)- Vulture Canyon and Vulture Island. The goal of the game is to shoot all the vultures down, trying to get more than one bird with each shot if you can as they fly by, while trying to not let any birds get away(disappear off the screen) If you shoot more than 1 bird at once you will be given bonus shots. The game only supplies you with 20 shots at the start and for each bird that gets away while you're playing, the game will punish you by taking away 1 shot. You score for each bird you shoot down and at the end of the game your score will go on a personal high scores list.

Overall I would describe this game as one that is off to a really good start. The story is a vague one and could use a little more filling out, but is not as important as the gameplay given Bang!Bang!Vulture is more of a pickup and play type game. The controls are accurate and work excellent, and shooting down the vultures with the slingshot is fun. I see a really good pickup and play game with a few more content updates, maybe some more locations, ammunition types and gameplay modes.
10-29-2009, 08:28 PM
Joined: Dec 2008
Location: Indiana, USA
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Freedog, I think you hit this on the head when you say "off to a good start". That's really what it feels like to me - the start of a game. I do find it amusing that you are taking down vultures with bombs (though they must be pretty weak bombs because unless the vultures are right on top of each other you only get one with a given bomb). The controls are intuitive enough, but given the precious nature of ammunition I find myself taking too long to try and target a vulture, thereby losing other potential targets and consequently ammo.

I think the game could use at least one more mode where there are levels with goals. In some levels you might need to shoot down a certain number of vultures, and in other levels you might have to shoot down a certain kind of vulture, etc. As such you'd need a wider variety of vulture types, which would add much needed diversity to the game. It would also be nice to see some power-ups. Maybe something that temporarily freezes the vultures or eliminates all vultures on the screen or gives you a few extra shots - things of that nature. You could also have "power downs" like something that explodes and blocks your view or puts the vultures on a speed rush temporarily.

Finally, I think here should be difficulty settings. Personally, I find it way too difficult when I lose a shot for every vulture that makes it off the screen. I also think that, given the fact you are chucking bombs at these birds, you shouldn't have to basically hit them dead on to hurt them. Of course, these things could simply be made a bit lax in an "easy" mode or something like that.

As the game stands right now there's not really enough to hold my attention for very long. I like the concept, and I think there's a lot of potential, but there needs to be more substance before this would become a "gotta play one more time" type of game for me.

Eric Pankoke
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