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App description: Do you feel the need for some serious speed? Race cars not fast enough for ya? Well how about jumping aboard your own spacecraft, and racing the interplanetary highways of our solar system! Space Race for iPhone and iPod Touch is a fun and addictive game that blasts you through space at warp speed!

The object is to reach all 9 planets in as little time as possible. That's right, we brought Pluto out of retirement just for this app! Each planet is a timed check point, so you had better hurry!

To play the game, just tilt your device to maneuver around slow moving alien craft. Just be careful not to crash. That eats up valuable time! You have to reach each planet before the clock runs out. If you manage to get there with time to spare, it gets added to your next round and you get a little more breathing room.

Space Race can also sync with a friend's device via Bluetooth, for a fast paced peer-to-peer game. In two player mode you don't have to be faster than the speed of light, you just have to be faster than your rival. If your opponent is just too darned fast, the handicap feature lets you level the playing field a little bit. Just go to your settings screen and you can turn off level 9. This changes the number of levels you have to complete, but it doesn't change a thing for you challenger, so they'll have their hands full!

Take Space Race wherever you go, and pull it out whenever you have some tome to kill. With awesome graphics and all the racing action you can handle, Space Race is sure to take your iPhone or iPod Touch where no device has gone before!
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devs really like those fonts on their games.

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I'm often amused by the name of these developers or their company, etc. This dev is called clapps Yes, I know it's CL apps.

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devs really like those fonts on their games.
Yeah, i've been noticing more and more games with that font lately.

It's the same font in the Notes App, and I personally think it looks terrible, especially in a game. It makes an otherwise nice-looking game look very cheap IMO.

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