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App description: Naval Battle: 17th century is a turn-based strategy game with ancient warships from the 17th century! Setup your own fleet as Admiral, and defeat your opponent. Fight with glory in battles up to 8 vs 8 warships!

Each ship can move and attack once per round. After you moved, you can attack, if the opponent is in reach!

Game features!
* 3 Nations - British, French and Spain.
* 4 ship classes - with each class different strengths and weaknesses!
* Abilities - bonuses that makes you stronger for one turn or hole battle per ship!
* Multiple waves - game mode with more than one wave of enemy ships!
* Whirls and Waves - environment defense bonuses!
* Towers - static gameobject that can be on your side or at the enemy's!

Michel2's comments:

09-11-2015, 04:47 PM
Joined: Jun 2015
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>>> Challenge <<<
Are you up for a little challenge? Play level 5, the first level with multiple waves! Let me know how far you came! Post your score and which wave you reached!

Good luck Admiral!