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Anyone successfully used MFI controllers in local coop games on IOS?

09-13-2015, 01:37 AM
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Anyone successfully used MFI controllers in local coop games on IOS?

I own two SteelSeries Stratus controllers (the original ones, not the XL ones). I've been struggling to get them to both simultaneously work in a game so that I can have two people in multiplayer coop on one Ipad Mini. I've been trying this with two games so far: Crimsonland HD and Badland. I can't seem to get the controllers to both work (with one for player 1 and one for player 2 on the same ipad mini) in either of those games.

More details about my woes with the Stratus below, but a more general question I have is whether people have been successfully playing any local coop games in multiplayer mode with any MFI controllers? I'd love to be able to do this - haven't been successful so far. Thanks.

Here's the situation I've been struggling with trying to use the SteelSeries Stratus controllers in particular:

I own two SteelSeries Stratus controllers and I'm having trouble getting them both to simultaneously be usable within a game on my ipad.

My hope was to be able to play local multiplayer with two people on a single ipad using the two Stratus controllers. Unfortunately what ends up happening when I try this is that one of the controllers shows the left most red led lit up (meaning "player 1" I assume) and the other controller doesn't show any of the leds lit up at that point. If I turn off both controllers and then turn on only the one that didn't have the led for player 1 lit up, that one happily connects and the red led for player 1 does light up (which makes me think that controller is fine, say hardware wise). But if I then try to turn on the other controller (the one that had orignially had the first led lit up), that one won't engage and become player 2. So I can have either one of the controllers involved and working in a game fine, but I can't have them both simultaneously involved in a game. I've tried powering them both off, forcing the ipad to "forget them" as bluetooth devices, using the pairing button on each to pair them fresh with the ipad, rebooting the ipad - no matter what I try I still end up with only one of the pair of Stratus controllers able to be involved in a game at a time.

I do see them both simultaneously show up in the Settings section of the ipad under Bluetooth as "Connected". So they both seem to happily be able to connect to the ipad simulaneously. But when I fire up a game, only one of the pair seems to be usable.

Here's my setup:
Ipad Mini 2 Wi Fi 64 Gig running IOS 8.4.1
Two SteelSeries Stratus controllers (the regular Stratus type, not the XL)

I've updated the firmware on both controllers using stratus-firmware-update-57_us_windows-vista-7-8-81_3264-bit.exe

The games that I've tried playing include:
Crimsonland HD
09-13-2015, 01:10 PM
Joined: Nov 2010
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I got an answer over on the afterpad forum. Thought I'd share here in case it's useful information for anyone in the boat I'm in - with two SteelSeries Stratus controllers.

Here's what the reply on afterpad forum said :
Unfortunately, you've encountered a known bug with SteelSeries controllers: you can only connect one of the same type at once. That means you can't use 2 Stratus or 2 Stratus XL controllers at once (though you can use one of each).

This is particularly frustrating for developers who are trying to test multiplayer games with the Stratus. Several developers I know have contacted SteelSeries about it, but with no help.

If you can still return one of the controllers, I strongly recommend doing so. ANY other controller will perfectly well with one Stratus.

Sorry for the bad news...