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Introducing Super DemoDude coming soon!

09-16-2015, 11:45 AM
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Introducing Super DemoDude coming soon!

Super DemoDude is an Arcade 'Demolition' Puzzler, iOS universal App - free. I've developed everything from ground up over the past 1.5 years while juggling other projects. I'm hoping to have a beta in the coming weeks and full release next month- I'll update this thread accordingly...

The premise is rather simple - destroy buildings with your bombs, or TNT.. The buildings consists of 'blocks', when destroyed they add time which counts down until you reach your DemoHQ. But you must be quick!

When you reach the DemoHQ , the countdown stops and that becomes your score/money - to the tenth decimal. Every stage has at least one golden coin - collecting this adds even more time and is vital for top scores. However, there's a catch!

The coin is abeit fragile. It can receive damage and be destroyed from bombs or falling too far.

It's designed for mobile- it's simple but challenging, 30-60 seconds per stage that has 3 star rankings based on score/destruction (replayable with multiple solutions), leaderboards, playable with one hand, and the help (optional) streamlines the tutorials during the first few stages. Double tap an arrow to jump in that direction or just hold to run- tap screen to toss bombs. The height of bomb throw is determined by height of tap , and the horizontal power is determined by a meter that shows by DemoDude as you hold touch. Can only throw 3 bombs at a time - but destroying a door block in the stage grants an extra bomb as well as bigger. The game utilizes Perspective and Zoom.

There are other nuances- there's multiple block types, (think Minecraft) wood, brick, metal - each with unique properties. There are also TNT blocks. Some blocks do not react to Gravity- such as wood, steel, bricks... until a TNT block is blown up, which will turn Gravity on for everything. There are a couple block types that always have Gravity on like Metal or the TNT blocks.. and the golden coin!

I'll wrap this up by saying I had many influences while developing Super DemoDude. From the obvious 8-bit Mario that I grew up playing, to more modern titles such as Minecraft (blocks) and Angry Birds (tap to throw bombs).

I feel this is unique enough while still having mechanics that can be seen in those titles mentioned above. My background is Graphic Design and made everything in this game from scratch - as well as teaching myself programming.

I attached a few screens, working on trailer and smaller things before I get beta out.

There's 40 stages and 5 themes- Forest, Suburbs, Construction, City and Challenges. The Challenge stages are focused less on destruction and more on platforming. It's free with ads. I tried to be as fair with the adverts as possible, with only a top banner playing in Non-gameplay moments, and a full screen banner only 15-20% on a completion of a level. Retries won't trigger the full screen adverts.

Thank you
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10-03-2015, 01:00 AM
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Well finished the trailer.

Tried to show what this game is all about since its relatively unique.

Basically you toss bombs at buildings that consist of various blocks. Destruction adds points, as well as collecting the golden coin.

It can get challenging because time counts down but destruction adds to time- and the golden coin can get destroyed from fall or destruction. So as buildings crumble , it's inevitable the golden coins may get destroyed unless you have buildings fall a certain way... Or get coin before the buildings crumble.

In this trailer, I tried to show how the same level can be approached in different ways.

It was a little trickey, since it being portrait- to get video uploaded with sharp quality- but graphics are sharp on the actual device!

Thanks, and now for the trailer:


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10-03-2015, 10:02 AM
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Ha ha! Love me some physics+destruction...bring it on
10-05-2015, 09:47 AM
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I'm adding some minor tweaks, bells and whistles (not literally!) ... Should be out by end of October, if not definitely early November.

I hope people are pleasantly surprised, haven't see anything quite like it!

I tried to make it a speed run type game that revolves around demolition. And there's a 'challenge' theme that focuses on platforming / speed running more. Of course all sorts of leaderboards.

Will update once it's submitted to Apple and passed with a concrete release date.