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  • Publisher: Fan Zhang
  • Genre: Sports
  • Device: Universal
  • Size: 41.2 MB
  • Version: 1.6
  • Price: Free
  • Average User Rating: 3 (2)
App description: Bring the popular street basketball game to your mobile!

Crazy BasketBall Machine is the most addictive basketball game! it is 100% real Basketball Shooting Machine!

Crazy BasketBall Machine simulates the realistic physics and features great graphics, nice game room environment and your very own virtual hand to shoot some hoops.

It is easy to pick up as well. All you have to do is flick the ball to any height, speed and power to get it into the hoop. Shoot as fast and accurate as you can in limited time to make a high score.


- Realistic Physics Engine to control the movement of the ball
- Bonus shot
- Amazing action camera effects
- Optimized game control allows you to play the game smoothly even on minimal phone!

goldlogsh's comments:
Hi guys we made a basketball machine!

And took a video of it!

09-22-2015, 02:41 AM
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Well I'll start with the physics are really great here and it all looks nice.
The controls are good as it only uses small swipes so there's no need for swiping the whole screen which is always annoying in some games.
Other than that it does what it's supposed to very well,
Personally I'd say it needs some more slo mo shots for when you get a rebound or something (maybe an option to turn them off as I know some people don't like them, but like how flick kick football does it)
And an option to just play one round out of the ones you've unlocked would be nice so that you could just have a quick pick up and play game without having to keep playing until you fail.
But overall it's a great game.

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09-22-2015, 06:51 AM
Joined: Aug 2015
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The best part of game is the realistic hoop feedback. The most incredible use of physics in any basketball app I've tried. When you hit the hoop, you feel it. Not just a little "hmmm" but in perfect time with the swing. Amazing!
09-22-2015, 08:14 AM
Looks sweet and crazy addictive. On the fence, wait for some more imps.
09-22-2015, 12:08 PM
Joined: Jan 2015
Posts: 212
Looks neat, buying and trying now

e: Impressions - Fun! But some issues. Price is right...$1 for something simple but enjoyable. That said, a game lasts a really long time. My first time playing I made it to round 10, and each round is like a minute long. The bonus systems feels too easy...maybe instead of the timer that gives you time for 2 or 3 attempts to keep the combo alive, maybe make it a simple miss and your combo bonus is broken? Also in terms of game length, maybe shorten the rounds? And the horn that plays when you have a combo of 10+ going is kinda really annoying.

I think your biggest issue going forward is that there's not much here that differentiates it from other basketball-shooty games, esp. that multiplayer one from Naquatic. But the rim physics are nice and I enjoyed my time with it!

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09-22-2015, 01:44 PM
Tried it, not very exciting. One venue to shoot in and not much more, unless I'm really missing something.
09-22-2015, 02:02 PM
Joined: Nov 2008
Location: Massachusetts
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Missing some key features

A few important features are missing: a pause button, Game Center connectivity, and an option to turn off the repetitive music track. The game could be worthy of its 99 cent price tag if these features are added in the next release.
09-22-2015, 08:13 PM
Joined: Jul 2013
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Thanks for the promo code, and so far it's great. No major concerning issues I have found as of yet which would deem the game bad, and everything else is just nice. This game would benefit from more content though but otherwise a good physics-based basketball game overall.
09-23-2015, 06:41 PM
Joined: Jul 2012
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Played this for a bit and it is fun. I think adding rounds and score multipliers would breath some longevity into this. Gamecenter integration would be perfect. Physics are spot on as others have mentioned, I just wish there was more to this game.
09-24-2015, 08:25 AM
Joined: Aug 2015
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wow, you guys are so great! collecting feedbacks and infos now!