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Possible Ports Thread

09-22-2015, 07:00 PM
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Possible Ports Thread

iOS has been shown to be able to run start-of-last gen games and an assortment of ports. Just wanted to throw some ideas out.

-Max Payne 2
-GTA Vice City/Liberty City Stories
-Midnight Club 1-3

These are just a few things off the top of my head, I'm not really in an ideal state of mind right now.
09-22-2015, 07:07 PM
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I would love to see a port of Max Payne 2 too, and how about bringing Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker and Return To Castle Wolfenstein or Battlefront 2? I'll pay full price for any of them, but I want them even if they aren't really likely to appear

09-22-2015, 07:46 PM
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Originally Posted by TheOutlander View Post
I would love to see a port of Max Payne 2 too, and how about bringing Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker and Return To Castle Wolfenstein or Battlefront 2? I'll pay full price for any of them, but I want them even if they aren't really likely to appear
Peace walker and the battlefront games deformity sound doable.
09-22-2015, 08:12 PM
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Highly doubt this would happen, but I really think Konami should port Castlevania: Symphony of the Night to iOS. That would be an instabuy for me.
09-23-2015, 06:51 AM
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Max Payne 2 (Very easy for Rockstar to make)
Borderlands (If PS vita can handle it,IOS can too)
Resident evil 4 (Capcom can easily do that)
Battlefront 2 (That would be so dope)
KOTOR 2 (Probably already in development)
Bioshock 2 ( , pretty much possible but I prefer Bioshock 1 over Bioshock 2)
Fallout 1/2 (Doable)

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09-23-2015, 07:22 AM
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I think the Dragon Age: Origins can be ported, also Morrowind and Torchlight 2
09-23-2015, 09:16 AM
Fallout 1/2, for sure.

I think DA:O if ever coming is going to take a while. Hope time proves me wrong, though.
09-24-2015, 04:44 AM
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In light of the BioShock debacle, let me try to throw a little optimism out there. Here are my main picks for ports that could actually be achievable:

- Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker: One of, if not the highlight of the PSP's catalogue. Chock-full of content, terrific gameplay, compelling story... what else could we ask for? If Peace Walker could receive the MHFU treatment - with improved controls and crisper graphics after the transfer to mobile - I'm sure Konami would make a mint, especially considering the MGS hype. This game has to be on top of my wishlist, along with:

- Star Wars: Battlefront: Either one of the PS2 games would be amazing. The first Battlefront is such an excellent experience (in a way, made more real and visceral by the fact that you can't play as the special characters. So when Darth Vader is chasing after your puny rebel, you do feel the tension of that conflict) with so many lovingly designed maps that it'd definitely be more than worth the effort to have this on our phones. However, since Battlefront II is such an improved experience over the first, I can't help but be greedy and innocently ask "why not both?"

- Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: I'm hopeful that Aspyr is already working on this one, but no port wishlist could be complete without the sequel to one of the best Star Wars games ever made! Aspyr proved that the control scheme can be flawlessly adapted to touch screens, and the first KOTOR is said to have been quite profitable, so if/when Aspyr does release this, I'm sure it'll be just as successful (especially if they decide to hold off until the holidays, just before the Store locks).

- Just Cause: iOS already has its fair share of open-world sandbox games and ports, so it's already been proven that a game with this scope and type of gameplay could work well. Plus, the Central America setting and the tropical vistas would likely look amazing!

- Tomb Raider: Legacy/Anniversary: I don't know if Square Enix is going to keep the trend of releasing a port of a classic Lara Croft during the holidays this year, but if they do, I'd be only too glad if they skipped directly to Legacy. The worst thing about the ports of 'Tomb Raider' and 'Tomb Raider II' has to be the controls. These are, if I'm not mistaken, a faithful adaptation of the PC controls of the time, but it's a control scheme that really doesn't work on mobile. The Legacy and Anniversary games boast better controls (helped by the fact that both these games had PSP versions), so they sound like more appealing prospects than having to deal with the unintuitive controls of the classic era of Tomb Raider games.

- N64 GoldenEye: If Nintendo, Rare and the Fleming estate worked out a favorable deal to all parties that'd allow for a remastered port to be released simultaneously across several store fronts, I believe this could be huge in solidifying the potential iOS has for premium gaming experiences. Plus, the game is an absolute classic, and no console or gaming system would be poorer by having it.

- Assassin's Creed: This one is a bit of a stretch, since it's far more recent than any of the games I named already. However, with Assassin's Creed: Identity proving that the gameplay mechanics are achievable on mobile and with other games of this era already available on iOS (XCOM and, sadly no longer, BioShock), I believe a port of the very first Assassin's Creed game could be doable. Especially considering that this game didn't have many of the bells and whistles of subsequent iterations, so it'd probably be more straightforward to adapt.

I also second you guys' suggestions for Max Payne 2, Fallout, Borderlands and Castlevania.
09-27-2015, 12:07 AM
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iOS Ports should start picking up soon, given improved technology, full control support & a massive audience willing to shell out legal tender; here's a list I hope will make its way to iOS:

Halo: Given that this game is currently (and always has been) Microsoft's Bread & Butter for the Killer App on their consoles, I am doubtful this would ever happen... But if we could just imagine in the near future a port of halo to windows 10 phones... And then follow suit just as The Spartan Assault games had done, we may see it happen one day. First Person controls wouldn't be too difficult to adapt to touch and let's be honest, everyone would buy it.

Crysis: Crytek dabled with porting their cry engine to iOS on multiple occasions, imagine the publicity they would receive if the brought a fully fledged game to iOS? Now I understand the completely questionable action here & how it would work out, given that Crysis used to slaughter PC's. But that was a near decade ago, optimization can go a very long way too.

World of Warcraft: I've tried Order & Chaos 2, my thoughts during the entirety of gameplay was "Why isn't Blizzard porting already?!" WoW translated to touch screens would be easy to achieve to say the least; granted that chat functionality while playing would be cumbersome, perhaps a voice to text feature could be implemented to achieve a more streamlined experience. Regardless; I would enjoy playing an actual MMORPG whenever and wherever I please.

PS Now (and all games that follow)

This is the highlight of my list; a mass 300+ games to play from a remote server. Sony had stated their plans on bringing ps now to devices not associated with Sony in the Future. The only issue I can think of is he mapping of R3 & L3 as they are not offical MFi buttons. Other than that the stream quality would be fantastic; I've tried it & played nearly 30 hours without tons of issues regarding the streaming. Of course this opens up Pandora's Box, releasing the wrath of apple & the questionable disappearance of Onlive years ago.
09-27-2015, 07:29 AM
I would kill for a port of:
Burning Force
Iron Angel of the Apocalypse
The SNES version of SimCity