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App description: Based on Golden Miner, we present Golden Miner 2.

In Golden Miner 2, the background scenes are not single. There are three scenes: Australian Desert, Hawaii Beach, and Las Vegas. Compared with Golden Miner, the game screen is more beautiful; image and the expression of character are richer; more props are available. In addition, the game also adds more fun-filled animated effects.

How to play:
Three scenes and 300 levels. You should start the game from Australian Desert scene, when you finish the 100th level, you will enter Hawaii Beach scene. At last, you are in Las Vegas to dig the endless treasure.
As Golden miner, you have fixed time 60 and target points at each level. Your scores you got in the last level will automatically cumulate to the next level.
Added diamonds of four colors (red, blue, yellow and green) and several animals
Added more props, such as gem polish, Titanium cable and Pocket watch
Be careful. In the game, there are animals that push the trolleys and ferocious wild boar and shark. They will seize and destroy your treasure. You have to catch them before they seize your treasure.

Three scenes and 300 levels let you enjoy the game.
More props and items
Beautiful background pictures and great game music
You can continue the game after you quit or fail it.
Detailed instructions and game tips

Coming in the next versions:
In the near future, we will update Golden Miner 2:
Add new scenes and game story
Add new character to help miner dig treasure
If necessary, add wifi network version, so you can co-play it with other players through local area network.

skyye06's comments:
man not again...mod please change title to "Golden"

09-27-2009, 12:35 PM
Joined: Jun 2009
Posts: 645
First one was fun, used to play Gold Miner all the time in High school so Gold-EN miner brings all that fun with a Wario inspired main character instead of a old man.