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App description: Reverse planes control with human-eating aliens. New game by creators of TimeCube!

Imagine that you are Darth Vader using his force to control incoming missiles to destroy hostile planes. You can also control and move enemy planes to make them collide with each other. As the pilots escape the explosion, its time for Sarlacc to gobble up the hapless pilots! PlayPlayFun.com

In this line drawing game you will navigate planes to crash into each other! This is why were calling it reverse planes control game.

Join the alien strike and use high-tech weapon to control human planes and rockets in this alien eating mission!

Eat as many humans as you can before those pesky earthlings will destroy your UFO!

Gain control over human planes, rockets and navigate them to crash into each other!

Eat surviving pilots and collect data to crash Earth army.

Join a new line drawing craze! Control rockets to destroy planes!

How many humans will you eat?
09-28-2015, 01:00 PM
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Thanks for creating a topic for our game here! Do you like the game? We love players feedback so please, share some We're just a little studio (3 guys), but we want this game to be the very best

Game Designer / Owner @ JamCastle
10-02-2015, 11:07 AM
Joined: Sep 2015
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Yes, it's a cool idea. Very different from any of the games that I played before. I played both the web version at playplayfun and the android version.

What would be cool is to have the alien base to have special power to unleash or some unlockables. That would make it more replayable.