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Touch Arcade forums' Game of the Week (Oct 8)

View Poll Results: What was your favorite release the week of October 8?
Dust: An Elysian Tail 31 56.36%
Super Sharp 8 14.55%
Jump Jack 6 10.91%
Chesh 8 14.55%
Leave Me Alone 2 3.64%
Voters: 55. You may not vote on this poll
10-09-2015, 08:55 PM
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Touch Arcade forums' Game of the Week (Oct 8)

The winners of last week's Game of the Week poll are in... coming soon

Last week's GOTW thread:
The first part is nomination where every member can vote up to 5 games to be included in the poll. Releases active before Saturday are eligible (even if they aren't listed in this original post), weekend releases can be nominated the following poll. 10 games with the most nominations will then be added to the poll on Sunday. Poll will remain open until next Wednesday and whichever game has the max votes, will be Touch Arcade forum's Game of the Week.

Please note:
1) Developers, publishing partners, or affiliates cannot vote for their own games. If your game is in the poll, you can't vote for it. You are free to ask TA forum posters in your game release thread to vote for your game... but please don't post multiple messages about it.
2) This voting is for TA members with some activity. If you have to ask someone to create a new account to vote, you're doing it wrong.
3) Suspect votes may be void.
4) Game updates, no matter how significant are not eligible for GOTW. There are enough new games to nominate that haven't been considered before.

Notice of this poll may be given in the threads of all nominated games.

You can see new games by looking at AppShopper.com and checking the "New"tab.

[Busy with work so will update original post with icons and links if time]

1px Angle!
Balls & Holes
Battle Decks
Dub Dash
Dust: An Elysian Tail
Flash Gordon
FRZ Racing
iBomber Winter Warfare
Jump Jack
Leave Me Alone
Mines of Mars Zero
NHL SuperCard
Police Chase Traffic Race
Portable Dungeon (Pocket Adventure)
Ratings War
Salt & Pepper 2: A Surreal Salty Physics Game
Sisyphus Job
Space Miner Wars
Stick Knight
Super Sharp
The Walking Dead: No Man's Land
Umbrella Jump

Thanks to AnotherKellyDown and sapphire_neo for recent thread and Twitter advertisements

Credit to Ap0calypse, ImNoSuperman, TriggyWiggy, Arta, TheFrost, and EchoSeven for theGOTW legacy.
10-09-2015, 09:34 PM
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Heroes Reborn

10-09-2015, 09:38 PM
Joined: May 2014
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10-09-2015, 11:22 PM
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Super Sharp
10-09-2015, 11:24 PM
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Dust is not a bust!

Devs I love supporting:
AH_Phan, WaveLightGames, Voncarp, ToonuvaGames, Dr_Nachin, Ryan Mitchell
10-10-2015, 04:34 AM
Joined: Oct 2012
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Royal Bounty HD
Dust: An Elysian Tail

(the first 2 are not on the list above - or I just could not see them -, could they be added?)
10-10-2015, 11:40 AM
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Dust: An Elysian Tail
Super Sharp
10-10-2015, 01:41 PM
Joined: Sep 2012
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Super Sharp
Jump Jack
10-10-2015, 06:42 PM
Jump Jack
•Dub Dash
•Soda Dungeon

I didn't download Dust because I already have it on Xbox. But if the mobile version is as good as that, then I can see why it's getting so much love.

Jump Jack is just so freaking hard. I can't even beat it on easy. I guess I'm just not patient and skilled enough. I still think it's awesome though. Reminds me of the way games used to be.
10-11-2015, 11:20 AM
Joined: Jul 2012
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Space Miner Wars