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Cubix Challenge Promo Codes

10-16-2015, 12:53 PM
Cubix Challenge

EDIT: Firstly, please excuse the forum link title. It must have auto completed or something, there's no promo codes to be had here! Sorry! (Not sure if a mod can help me with that?)

I'm an independent developer that's been frequenting the forums who released my first game on the Google Play store a few months back. I've mentioned it plenty in the iOS sections of the forum but realized I hadn't got around to posting about it here. It's been really well received so far with a lot of praise from puzzle gamers. It starts off simple but adds a new mechanic every ten levels with some REALLY challenging levels as you progress. Thanks for taking the time to read this post and if you do divide to pick up the game, many thanks to you!

Check out an example of the gameplay here...


Thanks all,


Cubix Challenge is the brain-teasing puzzle game from Thinkerton Games!
Test your wits against Cubix Challenge. 120 levels of brain teasing gameplay full of ingenious game mechanics. A devilishly hard thinking persons puzzle game with hours of content.

Roll the cube so that the colored face lands on the matching tile. Sounds simple, right? But as new block, cube and tile types are introduced finding the correct solution becomes a real challenge! With 120 impeccably designed levels, you'll have many hours of brain teasing fun! Rich and immersive graphics and sounds add to the experience! Added incentive with Google Play Achievements!

A ranking system allows you to unlock later stages for even more of a challenge! A puzzle game those that really like to be tested!

Will you take on the challenge?


* Unique, brain teasing puzzle gameplay
* 120 Puzzles
* Scoring system to unlock levels
* More of a challenge added with Google Play
* Rich and original graphics and sound for ultimate immersion
* A new mechanic every 10 levels keeps the game fresh!

Customer Feedback:

"Fantastic value for the price and more importantly, fun to play."
"Beautifully simple!"
"Refreshingly Different Nice to play a mental challenge game that's not just an old game in a new skin."
"Wanted something different and here i am a fantastic game,really enjoying it so 5*"

Tom Bowen, Thinkerton Games
Cubix Challenge

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11-10-2015, 06:32 AM
Thanks for the codes that is really helpful