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App description: Evolution of war has gone from space to lawns as you join the Cosmic Cow Army on their rampage across England stealing grass, their most precious source of power and energy, from their dastardly sheep rivals!

The happy humans are oblivious to the chaos that is taking place when their backs are turned and its your job to help the cows by milking every ounce of their power. These intergalactic bovines need your help to demolish anything in their path, in this bizarre-yet-cute animal rivalry game!

- Smash and bash your way through back gardens in this crazy, all-action arcade game
- Cause demolition mayhem throughout 21 mad missions
- Unlock nine special boosts as you mooove through the levels
- Mow down the neighbourhood for mega points
- Collect garden gnomes, destroy pub gardens and more to win gold star ratings and the Pro Trophy
- Trade in your Moolah to trick out your mad lawnmower (Or should we say lawn moo-er?)
- Challenge your friends to race you up the highscore leaderboard

Nows not the time to be sheepish, take control of your moower in this wacky free 3D simulator and help herd the cows towards victory in this intergalactic turf war.
Prepare to be udderly blown away!

Eli's comments:

Cows Vs Sheep: Mower Mayhem

Genres: Games Puzzle Entertainment Racing

Like crazy cow games? Mow down the neighborhood for mega points. Then trade in those points to trick out your mad lawnmower. (Or should we say lawn moo-er?) Don't forget to gather your gnomies (that would be gnome homies, of course) as you go.

Get in on the wacky action in a free 3D simulator that will give kids (boy or girl) and the whole family a rush. Evolution has gotten out of hand, and now a cow as mad as milk has the run of the road. And he's treating his lawnmower like its a monster truck named Grave Digger.

Forget the farm in this animal 3D racer. Destroy the village. No, destroy the city! Just have some virtual destructive fun with crazy animal racing.

Supported Devices:
  • iPhone-3GS
  • iPhone4
  • iPodTouchFourthGen
  • iPad2Wifi
  • iPad23G
  • iPhone4S
  • iPadThirdGen
  • iPadThirdGen4G
  • iPhone5
  • iPodTouchFifthGen
  • iPadFourthGen
  • iPadFourthGen4G
  • iPadMini
  • iPadMini4G
  • iPhone5c
  • iPhone5s
  • iPhone6
  • iPhone6Plus
  • iPodTouchSixthGen

Minimum iOS Version: iOS 6.0

Download Size: 190.2MB

03-27-2016, 11:31 AM
Why is one one talking about this game?

It is incredible fun. The closest thing I can link it to is Blast Corp, one of Nintendos greatest forgotten triumphs. This is totally worth a few minutes to see if it clicks with you.
03-27-2016, 01:22 PM
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Originally Posted by Anova View Post
Why is one one talking about this game?

It is incredible fun. The closest thing I can link it to is Blast Corp, one of Nintendos greatest forgotten triumphs. This is totally worth a few minutes to see if it clicks with you.
Totally agree. I've been playing off and on for a couple days now. It's definitely worth a download
03-27-2016, 02:56 PM

Cows Vs Sheep: Mower Mayhem is a funny and sometimes hard Casual Game that can be very challenging if you are one of those Gamer that want to archive every possible Star in every Level since sometimes it`s not 100% clear straight how to manage those tasks.

As a Cow it`s our Duty in the Game to create as much Chaos and Damage to make sure those Sheeps know very well who is the Leader in the Animal World.

To do so our Weapon of Mass Destruction is a Lawnmower. We get InGame some Special Features that we can use in return for Milk/Cowbells/Dollars which are the InGame Currenies that can be obtain through either the InGame Store or by playing through the Game and fullfilling the different Tasks.

The Core Gameplay Mechanics in the have a few Up and Downs and kinda left me unsure about the overall Game and if I would keep playing it or not.

As already mentioned it`s sometimes not very clear what you have to do also the Game has a small description for every task in a Level that should help you a bit of how to fullfill it.

Some of the task are easily to obtain but there are Levels that you will play a couple of times till you will know what you have to do or even understand how you can obtain it in the Game so expect a lot of Try & Error which some of you might like while others will straight give up and remove the Game after the first couple of times when they have to repeat a Level over and over again while still don`t getting how that task should be manageable at all.

Since there is currently a Timer in the Game and your Lawnmower is destroyable too you will most of the time either destroy your Lawnmower or run straight out of time while trying to first get an overview of a Level and/or know where you should go since the Game doesn`t help you at all where some of those Collectables in the Levels are so you will for sure get first very confussed where you should go first.

A couple of the Levels aren`t manageable if you are using the wrong Tech Upgrades but the Game is warning you in such a Case so you can at least change before you try the Mission to obtain the right Upgrades first before you move forward to the Level.


Cows Vs Sheep: Mower Mayhem isn`t a bad Game at all and if you are enjoping Games for what they are you will probably enjoy play Sil Games Cows Vs Sheep: Mower Mayhem for a couple of days/weeks and have a great time with it.

If you want to have more out of your time and experience a great Story/Great Graphics/...then you probably won`t be satisfied with the Game and will move to the next Mobile Video Game after you have tried it out for some time.

Cows Vs Sheep: Mower Mayhem is a nice little Casual Game and there isn`t really something so far that would make me advise anyone to stay away from it but don`t expect to be blown away by it`s Core Gameplay Mechanis since most of it you will have already experienced already somewhere else in a different form.

Rating: 3/5