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App description: *** BATTLETERNAL II is under development
- Improved Combat
- Improved Interface
- Better Usability
- Added more loot (armor, weapons, etc...)
- Improved loot system

BattlEternal - Rise of the Half Angel, is an Action packed, RPG.

Fight across multiple worlds, space and even through time! Battle the forces of evil and save your home planet.

Game Features
- Multiple classes and races
- Magic and Talents system
- Advanced inventory options
- Weapons, armor, items, rings and more
- Fully 3D environments, go wherever you want.

This is the first in a series of low cost, high quality RPG games.
09-29-2009, 01:16 AM
This actually looks pretty interesting and promising, the graphics look even better than Crusade, though I'd like to know which game has the bigger size or more content.

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Originally Posted by CanadianGamer View Post

09-29-2009, 01:17 AM
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Originally Posted by reinhart_menken View Post
This actually looks pretty interesting and promising, the graphics look even better than Crusade.
...and for 99c, its not a bad deal

You can contact me @ Skyye06@gmail.com
09-29-2009, 01:21 AM
Originally Posted by skyye06 View Post
...and for 99c, its not a bad deal
Exactly! The price is vastly different too.

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Originally Posted by CanadianGamer View Post
09-29-2009, 01:22 AM
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someone give us some impressions
09-29-2009, 01:24 AM
Originally Posted by nodoctors View Post
someone give us some impressions
Just googled it, and the game has 54 mb while the other I mentioned has around 30 mb. Me thinks I'm going to get it, just to support the devs so they can fulfill their promise of having a series of low cost RPG. I'll give some impressions after a while, and maybe soon if the game proves to be bad.

Edit: Okay, so here are some impressions after playing for a little bit and having gotten to the first town.

As I entered the game I was immediately presented with two options (minimum load time before) - to start a new game, or continue. There were no options to change anything, which I thought was kind of odd.

After pressing the start a new game button, you're presented with the character creation page. There are three classes - protector (warrior), battle Mage, and healer; and also three races, human, half angels, and outsider. You can pick your gender as well. From your selection you'll be able to see what your character looks like (full body), and it's different for every class, race, and gender. They seemed to be just 2D representations of your character in this instance. You'll meet a sort of tutorial character from the very beginning, teaching you how to pick up items, drop them and interact with other NPCs, and then you're sent on your merry way to explor the ship.

Visual: The graphics is as you can seen in the screenshots. They're not exactly Doom Resurrection or MC: S, though for a .99c game, they're not bad either. However, I thought one of the creatures looked very much alike green zombie from 7 Day Apocalypse (even down to the shabby hair).

The items you receive from killing monsters (and they drop almost always) are represented as either a health potion or a chest - which contains equipments you can use. The items in your inventory are also 2D representations. The only part of my character I have seen so far is only the weapon - no, not the hand and the weapon it's holding, just a weapon suspended midair. The weapons do look different, though, so far.

Audio: From the beginning there's some light background music that loops, then it seemed to change later to something else, though I could hardly notice it. You hear metal clacking sounds when you attack, however, you cannot hear your opponent attacking you, so you won't even know if someone is indeed attacking you until you turn to face them, or see your health dropping. You can also hear yourself drinking potions (though the game say "Eating" potion).

Controls: There are a couple buttons in the game. To the bottom right there are three buttons - attack, jump, and one slot for "talent" (magic or skill in the game). Holding attack will make your character attack continuously. To the buttom left there is a D-pad, thoug this one only goes forward, and back - yes, there is no left or right. You tilt your device to turn left or right, making walking and turning an odd task. Personally, I think they should really change that, and there are a number of first-person shooters games that have excellent controls (while this is not a shooter game, the controls are almost the same).

To the top left is your character screen button (where there is a portrait, as well as bars for your health, mana, and experience), and the right your inventory; then to the left in the middle is where you tap to bring up your weapon.

Gameplay and Mechanisms: No much to say here. Like any other games of this type, you walk around to explore, and then you engage in combat when you come upon enemies; other time you interact with the NPC to hear them, or take quests. There's not a quest menu, so you'd actually need to remember what it is that you need to do.

Combat is so far uninspiring. You and your enemies hack each other until the other falls; and meanwhile, you can perform your "talent" if you wish. The enemy AI seems to be "retarded", having a very (and I mean very) limited range, whereby if you stand just further than a couple or some characters away, they won't come after you. You'll have to close in on them for them to notice you, and even then they seemed to run in place.

Your inventory has limited space, and you'll have to drop items when it reaches the limit. Even when you have items equipped on your person, their spot within the inventory remains occupied.

When your character levels up your stats are automtically raise. The only decision you're left with is the allocation of your talents, which, took me a while to figure out that you need to add more points to the very first talent before you can unlock other talent. You don't distribute the talent point by tapping on the talent (you can view it's minimal description that way), instead, you'll have to tap the talent you wish to raise, and tap accept at the buttom. To place a talent in the talent buttom on the button right of the screen, you seem to have to tap the talent and then the portrait, which I had to figure out myself as well.

There are no other menus in the game, such as pause, save, or whatnot. The game seems to save itself, even if you press the home button. Amended: as the post below indicates, the game seems to only save when you've cross through an area.

Conclusion: Based on my progress and my impression of the game so far, I really can't recommend whether one should purchase this or not. There's simply too little going on, and I'm not impressed so far with some of the game's seemingly cheap implementations, as well as how the game progress (upon leaving the first area, you're brought to a certain training area, where you train to level up before to leave to another, as well as gain unlimited amount of cash from selling the monster loot to purchase items with). Try it if you will; it is not that expensive after all.

I'm going to try it out a little more later on to see where this goes, though I don't have a good feeling about this.

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Originally Posted by CanadianGamer View Post

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09-29-2009, 04:16 AM
Has Such Potential But...........

have been playing this for about 1hr and here are my thoughts..

You start off being able to select either "new game" or "continue".

Once a new game is started you are given a simplistic (yet pretty) character creation screen for a small selection of classes and types of character to choose. Most either had some futuristic Robotic feel to them or some sort of maiden or elf-ish characters with a end of the world Ragnarok angels vs demons theme going. IMO.

Once done your selection the game starts off in the future with a very Halo-ish mood. (slightly odd considering I chose a winged female warrior - Like something out of Heavy Metal Magazine) you are given a couple instructions of how to pick up items and give them to friends by a female officer next to you.

The controls are made up of 2 styles combined into 1 serviceable approach. You move forward and backward via an onscreen analog stick in the bottom left corner of the screen and look left and right by tilting the Iphone / Touch left and right. The more you tilt the faster the pan around goes. There is some learning curve with this style as I have yet to find any way to strafe and early on in the confined Mazes that are the ship you start in, this control scheme can feel a little broken.

Action is done by 3 main touch buttons located in the bottom right corner of the screen. They are of the standard fair. Attack, Jump, and the 3rd I have yet to use. You start off with a dagger to attack "monsters" (as it wer) on the ship.

Menus are brought up by 2 icons one located in each of the upper corners of the screen. One brings up your stats and ability to delegate earned experience points attributes and the other is of your inventory bag and what you presently have equipped.

The combat in this game needs some serious refinement to say the least! The enemies look and act as if they are multi-segmented polygons and thus move very fluidly but look ridiculous in their body motions. (The best comparison I can think of is a puppeteer with a Pinocchio doll trying their best to make this doll act like a real person but failing) Another game in the App Store that had very similar mechanics (Haunted Mansion) I think it was called. The other feature that really hurts the whole experience of the game is the attack animations. They have you literally fling your weapon at the enemy and it floats back to you! I am not making this up! the dagger, sword just hover out of your hand to the center point of the screen at about eye level and then float back, sword slash done -_-. (Please stay with me on this because it does get better)

The initial Future Halo-ish sequence really turned me off and I was about to give up on this game but stuck with it (which I recommend you try to do as well) This sequence is pretty short and will open up the game into a whole other light.

Once this section of the game is done you are transported to some sort of Valhalla shrine place where gods and angels live. You are given some background as to why you were brought here and stuff about mankind’s demise. I was so blown away by the angel character model you first meet that I skipped through most of the background story arch. Suffice it to say the game starts to show some potential and improves somewhat from that point on.

You are given the opportunity to buy some real weapons at this point and then are given a training room with which to level up a little before ascending to earth lands to start your new quest. (fit more crappy attacking here).

Once you reach level 4 you will be given access to the first realm to go to. These are doors that sparkle rainbow-is colors.

This is now where the game starts to show serious potential.

You arrive in some medieval town and are put on your first major quest. The town is extremely huge and very well detailed for an Iphone game. The distance draw is N64 quality but the layout and design is rather impressive. After exploring a good majority of the town I began to come across more familiar enemies I had seen in the Training dungeon and decided to do some leveling up. I spent about 40 minutes leveling and then decided to close out of the game. I fired it back up to see whether it saved correctly since there is no direct SAVE button. It looks like it only properly saves when you move through a load screen door / gateway. All of the leveling I did in the new land was lost. Only the leveling I had done in the Training dungeon was there (F@#@)

Anyway My final comments are as such.

a. the in game music (once you get to the Valhalla like tower and on from there) is of very good quality and feels a little along the lines of Elder Scrolls 3
b. The town models, animation quality, scaling, etc. are all of very high quality (even though the draw distance is short) Frame rate is darn good! (I am testing on a 1st gen touch) about equal to Gamelofts Sandstorm title!
c. Menus are a little confusing because you really aren’t sure what you can tap and what is just artistic fluff. The omission of a real save button hurts as mentioned above.
d. Final Conclusions - The environments, story, music and artistic quality are all extremely well done! The only things holding it back are the main focus of the game. The attacking design and the goofy enemies that do a geriatric dance towards you.

I hope to put some serious time into this game as it has sparked fond memories of Elder Scrolls 3 and the like. For .99 cents I can look past most of this games flaws to just soak up the good parts.

My 2 cents.

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09-30-2009, 01:15 PM
Nobody seems to be following this game.

Thats really a shame as it does offer some enjoyment for the .99 and the hopes of udates to resolve some of its issues.
09-30-2009, 02:35 PM
Originally Posted by beldandy561 View Post
Nobody seems to be following this game.

Thats really a shame as it does offer some enjoyment for the .99 and the hopes of udates to resolve some of its issues.
Have you gone beyond the first town? Can you give us (me) some outline of what happens in the first town and perhaps after that, basically what you've been through that makes you think the game is fun?

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Originally Posted by CanadianGamer View Post
09-30-2009, 02:58 PM
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It looks interesting, but it sounds like it's a bit of a mess internally. I also find that any developer who has to point out that their game is "high quality" is either delusional, or compensating for something -- usually a lack of content or amateurish design in one or more aspects. This appears to fall into the latter category. It looks pretty, but it could be a lipstick pig.

I think what's really needed here is a video. (Yeah, I know it's a buck, but if it's poorly designed in areas where it counts then it's not even worth that.)

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