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App description: Sword of Chaos, one of the most cutting-edge Mobile Action MMORPG ever produced.

Sword of Chaos combines the elements of fatal attraction and chaotic violence into a unique and astonishing visual feast. Immerse yourself in a world of violence and unleash your inner wildness. Sensing, Tasting, Hacking, Slashing and Fighting dominate your every move, as you fight to destroy all that stands before you!

Now why won't we go taste it, mortals!


- Guide your adventurer through 20 challenging floors
- Learn magic skills to defeat armies of fierce creatures
- Do battle with centaurs, werewolves, centurions, goatmen and more
- Varied gameplays including tower defence, world bosses and arenas
- Build your own Guild and join with friends to battle players across servers and worldwide
- Take part in massive 20 vs 20 PvP battles
- Send live messages to your teammates to co-ordinate your attacks
- Customize your adventurer with 68 sets of cool outfits to mix and match


Facebook Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/SwordofChaosOfficial
Homepage: http://soc.all-stargames.com/
E-mail: soc@all-stargames.com
11-04-2015, 06:26 PM
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Nothing new, full of freemium and no comment about the breasts in this game, maybe download for a lau about them

Combat felt alright-ish but in the light of premium titles and even monster hunter it does lot stand the test of time.
11-04-2015, 09:58 PM
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I guess some lonely 10 year olds might enjoy it for a couple minutes a day...
Gotta aim big, right?

Just saw... 68 outfits to mix and match?? I'm really getting the impression that they (or he... or she... whoever developed this) wanted to make an anime dress-up app, but got pressured by someone into making an ORPG. =o/
Oh well...

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11-04-2015, 10:46 PM
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I actually don't mind that stuff as long as the game is good. A lot of these are just cashing in on not the "sex," but actually the MMORPG mobile craze where you basically end up focusing on PVP, auto looting, and using cash for the best gear / surpassing the timer.

I can't say how this one is but the art looks nice. Unfortunately I'm more of a single player offline gamer so I don't normally touch these.

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