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App description: The classic Game of Chicken has come to mobile!

Test your reaction time in this addicting and incredibly hard yet simple arcade voxel time reaction speed game where you go head to head against a train.

Unlock cool new voxel cars, motorcycles and vehicles, and see how long you can last without dying or being called a Chicken!

Watch out for the train coming your way. You must be quick to dodge it because if you let go too late, your car will crash into it.

If you give up and release your tap too soon, you are a coward Chicken and loose the game!

Swerve through train track traffic as a voxel sedan, lambo sports car, hummer suv, pickup truck, tank, or even as a motorbike rider! Unlock new vehicles to play as, when you get further in the game.

Complete against the world within the GameCenter, don't die in a car crash, and don't be a chicken.

The original Game of Chicken that this game is based off of is a model of conflict for two players. Two players drive at each other head to head and each needs to choose whether to be a coward Chicken and swerve, or keep going. Subsequently, if neither player swerves they collide.

Will you be the top Chicken player in the whole wide world?

dmetty's comments:

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Remember the classic game of Chicken where two cars drive straight towards each other and the driver that swerves away is a Chicken? Or Jim Stark playing the game of Chicken in the movie Rebel Without a Cause? Now this game, and model of conflict has been turned into a mobile game for iOS!

Play as a car, pickup truck, SUV, motorcycle, or even tank and test your reaction speed in this addicting iPhone game. Gain coins, unlock cool new vehicles, and see how many times you can dodge the train. Boasting a progressive level of difficulty and addicting gameplay, Chicken is sure to be your next favorite way to waste time!
11-04-2015, 03:51 PM
do different cars have different abilities? also, I cant seem to get past the second level, maybe its just me