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Help Tiger Style design the update to Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor!

09-29-2009, 01:19 PM
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Help Tiger Style design the update to Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor!

Hello Spider fans!

Tiger Style is working on a big free update to Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor. The update will be released later this year, and we’d love your input on the new levels that will be included.

Here’s all you have to do:
  1. Reply either right here on this Touch Arcade thread, or over at the Tiger Style forums.
  2. In your reply, please answer the following questions. Your replies can be brief or long-winded:
  • What is your understanding of the story to Spider? What happened in Bryce Manor? What do all the clues mean?
  • What are your favorite parts of the story? What do you want to learn more about?
  • Anything else for us to consider for the update?
We will read every response!

Randy from Tiger Style
09-29-2009, 01:37 PM
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Here is what I think happened (from the story thread) This is basically ALL SPOILERS so be warned.

Outside: climb onto Porch

Porch: climb in through mail slot (several papers outside)

Watch Table: RB sits waiting for bills to come to hide them in the secret area in the ceiling. Picture of LS

Hall part 1: NB's Military jacket hanging. Family picture. Clock which you jump on to change the time for treasure room

Hall part 2: Boxing Tophies N. Byrce 1st, R.Bryce 2nd. R.Byrce and his medal. Picture of LS and NB. LS is dragging RS into the frame. Secret - Blueprints with green/red markers and ribbons for marking.

Pantry: Sparse almost no food. Secret - Ripped picture of a young NB in bin of bird seed

Kitchen Sink: Wedding ring in the sink most likely LS')

Bathtub: Secret - love letter and bottle of perfume in jewelry box

Linen Closet: Secret - Chisel found in basket. Red X on the wall marking a failed attempt in finding the treasure. You exit through another hole with slightly visible red paint... another failed attempt.

Library: Ransacked as RB was looking for clues. Secret - Red button on the ceiling to light the clock up. Exit through the window

LS's garden: Bird house. Man's clothing on one side. Exit into the well

Well: Locket with picture of RB and LS. LS must have thrown away gifts given to her by RB

Fountain Grave: Female clothing. CK's Grave has the pattern for the switches you find later on.

Clothesline: Has the same clothes you saw before which shows that the Garden/well/ fountain/grave are all the same area.

Stairwell Closet: Nothing special. Exit through the trapdoor

Boiler Room: Secret - Burned letters from NB to LS, LS to NB, and NB to LSB. Switches to activate the secret room

Stairway: Secret - A house with a golden Bell Tower. Picture- CK giving a little point and wink to the hidden location of the treasure room.

Music Room: The Metronome has and R on it so it's assumed that this is R's Music room. Secret - Hidden in the cello is a package from CK to NB (contents unknown) Pictures - Picture of NB, RB, and CKB. one of NB leaving with medal on

Bedroom : Secret - NB's Medal hidden behind the dresser. Picture - LS,RB, CK at wedding (CK looks quite happy). Suitcase on bed LS's room

Rose Window: Nothing here

Rooftop: Secret - Hidden room with a tablet explaining how to open the secret room there is also a hook for the key which is missing.

Dining Room: Secret - Train Ticket with LS and NB's names on it. Room has been ransacked

Living Room Part 1: Secret - Pills in table. Dead body with alcohol, a single pill, and a ripped photo of LS that matches the previous picture of NB

Living Room Part 2: Hit that button and the gold piece will disappear and you can crawl through the keyhole

Treasure Room: You crawl under the door that a human would use to enter the room. Lots of gold and CK's parrot which has been stuffed.

So what's the story? Here's how I think it goes...

LS NB and RB were all friend's growing up. As seen in one picture RB felt like a third wheel being dragged into a photo. Later in life LS an NB grew even closer while RB became more and more jealous. NB went off to the military. Before leaving he took a picture of himself and LS, torn it in half, then kept the part of LS. NB later received a medal at some point for his valor. With NB gone RB had a chance to win LS' affection, which he did. Little did RB know that NB and LS were still writing each other and continued writing each other after RB and LS were married. To hide the letters LS would sneak into the boiler room to burn the letters.

After the marriage CK must have left the house to RB and LS and his treasure to NB before he (CK) passed away. Unfortunately RB was unable to pay the bills of the house. In order to hide this from LS RB set up a table by the front door to make sure he could hide the bills. After opening the package meant for NB RB must have learned of the treasure and become obsessed with finding it.

All this time NB and LS are still corresponding and things escalate into real love. So much so that NB sent LS his medal and some perfume.

While waiting for the bills Rb must have come across one of these letters... upon opening it he found a train ticket with the names of NB and LS. At dinner that night he confronted her on it.

RB forced LS to pack and leave with him. NB came to the house and found it in disarray. Thinking the worst he killed himself while holding the picture of the woman he loves. Never knowing the truth or about the treasure


I'd love to have more clues as to where LS is and who exactly is inthe chair at the end

09-29-2009, 02:07 PM
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The story is great, but without reading spoilers like the 1 above, i'd never find it all. And thats my biggest complaint and i'm not alone. Several reviews i've read on big iPhone sites have not mentioned the story at all. It is my suspicion that the reviewers never found any coherent story threads whilst playing the game and as such many players wouldn't either. Maybe you could incorporate some way of highlighting the story more, so that more players could enjoy that aspect of the game? This doesn't have to be cutscenes, just a simple message at the start of the game, some achievements or something similar.

Also, another thing i'd like with new levels is new enemies and abilities. I remember in the main thread it was suggested that the spider could hang from its web and using left/right tilt, it could swing from it? Maybe this could be incorporated into attacking a new enemy somehow or collecting items?

And what about adding plus+ to the game?

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10-15-2009, 07:45 PM
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Sorry to bump up this ancient (by TouchArcade standards) thread.

Here's what Randy posted on Tiger Style website forum in reply to some comments:

Thanks for your thoughtful replies and your enthusiasm. Some great ideas in here. Rest assured, we won't be disrupting or overly clarifying the story of Bryce Manor in this update. Some of the levels we are working on are ones that were originally conceived for v 1.0 and we withheld them only to improve their design. You'll see how well they fit into the story and even explain some of the anomalies you may have noticed.

@nizy - The subtlety of the story is what makes this game great. The story is meant to stay in the background and act as a backdrop to the action. You can pay attention to the story or just catch bugs - the choice is yours. Any reference to the story in game would kill the amazing atmosphere that was created. It doesn't matter whether you get the full story or not. Even if you just get a general idea of what transpired - its good enough. The game's genius is its subtlety. There is absolutely no need to dumb it down or make it more obvious, in my opinion. I personally missed a tonne of details on my few walkthroughs. People like VegantTnT were able to discern a great deal from the scenery, so it can be done. I am very curious how new levels are going to add to the overall picture.
10-15-2009, 07:57 PM
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I would like to see more levels in the story mode. Like in the bedrooms (I don't think there are any levels within the bedrooms). Anything is fine with me.

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10-20-2009, 02:37 PM
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Favorite Level Poll for Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor

Any Spider fans out there?

There's now a poll over at TigerStyleGames.com.
Click here for the poll.

Tell us which your favorite Spider levels were so we can be sure the new ones we're making for the Update are just as good!

Be sure to check out our new Leaderboards while you're there! You can search 'em and scan through 'em and everything!
10-20-2009, 03:40 PM
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I'm trying but I can't seem to be able to vote....

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10-20-2009, 04:23 PM
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You may have to register on our forums to vote?
11-22-2009, 12:20 PM
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Level Poll #2 Now OPEN!

Hi all,

If you liked Spider, please head over to the latest poll on the Tiger Style forums and tell us how to do our jobs. Which levels did you like best?

Check out the poll here

Look forward to hearing from you!

- Randy
11-23-2009, 02:17 PM
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My comment on the story spoiler:

Music Room: The Letter on the Metronome is a B and not an R (looked at it very closely, it first i thought it was an R too). So i guess the Room belonged to the whole Bryce Family.

Rose Window: The Things shown in the window (wheel and some tools) can be found in many levels, especially in pictures of CK Bryce. Is the Bryce family some kind of old sailor clan?

About the parrot: Things about the parrot can be seen in several levels. There also is a book about birds (i thought about the symbol on the book for about 5 minuts, then i forgot about it. Later i saw it again, turned it 90° clockwise and saw a bird ). AND there is an engraving of a parrot on CK Bryce's grave.


Lol of course white color doesnt affect smileys... but anyway, the smiley isnt much of a spoiler, is it? :P

I hope we can find more things

I am making pictures of everything I find right now, maybe ill post them here at some time