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App description: Go Fun Yourself!
A stroke of creativity, tactics and imagination!.

Yukti is a puzzle game in which you play with the tactics, creativity and imagination of your touch.
All levels have a simple goal to land the asteroid onto the sun. You draw a stroke that travels in space with the speed and the path that you define. Your stroke repeats its pattern in space and travel to dodge the black holes in the space. Sun is surround by a shield that protects it from any other outer body, but if travelling asteroid absorbs the energy of other planets, it can penetrate the shield to enter the surface of sun. The game starts with easier puzzles that teach you to understand the tactics that you need to solve the puzzles. Every level can be solved with several tactical solutions, use your creativity to choose which one you want.

Yukti is a surreal exploration through space. What you draw repeats itself in time and move forward in space - watch your creativity defining the path of an Asteroid.

Features :
- More than 50 mind bending levels
- High end graphics
- Exclusive sound track
- Energy efficient code to save battery life
- 60+ Avatars/Characters to play with

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Now available free-to-play on app store!

Trailer :

PressKit :

About the game :
Yuki is a free-to-play unique puzzle game that is played with the tactics, creativity and imagination of your touch. Yukti immerses the user in a journey through outer space and broadens a user's perception about how to find unlikely paths to reach their destination. You draw a stroke that travels in space with the speed and the path that you define. Stroke repeats its pattern in space and travel to dodge the black holes of the space, absorbing the energy of the planets and eventually landing onto the Sun. There are several levels, the game starts with easier puzzles that teach you to understand the tactics that you need to solve the puzzles, slowly new elements and more complex puzzles are introduced.
Each of Yuktis fifty levels are carefully designed to offer a distinct, immersive experience which balances an intuitive UI, refreshingly detailed artwork, and a stimulating audio-track that continues to keep users engaged. Every level will challenge you to solve puzzles, explore your limits, and uncover elements that can either aid you or destroy you.

Key Features :

Immersive User Experience :
Unlike other games, users will note that each of Yuktis 50 levels are packed with high-definition graphic elements which have been perfectly synchronized with a refreshing space-inspired soundtrack custom-choreographed to offer a notably immersive and engaging game-play experience. In their journey to deep outer space, users will encounter fiery stars, glowing planets, sparkling crystals, and dangerous black holes ready to plunge them into oblivion. A big effort has been put on user experience to easily familiarize user with the functionality of the game and gameplay elements. First few levels are designed to make the user accustomed with the elements of the game. A balance between difficulty of level, usability and visual appeal is maintained to give user an enjoyable and entertaining experience.

Perfect Touch Experience :
Yuktis gameplay is specifically designed for touch experience on mobile devices. From guiding first-time users on how to grow their skills in the earlier levels, to empowering experienced users on how to master their stroke and strategy to overcome obstacles in the later levels, all in core is based on the touch experience. Users will find Yuktis UI and gameplay to be intuitive, seamless, and delightfully interactive from start to finish.

High End Graphics & Exclusive Music :
Content of the game is maintained in a way that high end graphics can be packed keeping the build size lower. Every set graphics that you see in the game is designed for higher resolution devices like ipad air2. A full five minutes track is exclusively designed just for immersive and seamless gameplay experience of Yukti.

Energy Efficient Code:
Yuktis game code is cleverly coded keeping the battery life in mind. The code has been specially-architected to run instructions in the background only when absolutely necessary which will mitigate the burden on the CPU. This architecture helps to deliver a flawless gameplay experience without compromising the battery life of the user's device, emphasizing on the visual elements, and ensure an overall smoother game-play experience.

Game Elements

You draw a stroke on the screen which is metaphor for an asteroid floating in space. You define the path of the asteroid so that it can absorb the energy of the planets in space and eventually reach to its final destination - Sun.

Sun is the energy source of the universe and the final destination for an asteroid to relapse all its energy it has absorbed on its path.

Sun Shield
Shield protects the sun and any outer body to enter its atmosphere. Shield gets dissolved when asteroid absorbs the energy of all the planets in the solar system.


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Level screenshots


This screenshot captures several elements of the game like deflector, blackholes, planets and sun.
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Another Update is coming soon that you let players try all the avatars for free after watching a video ad.

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