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App description: The war is on, Commander! Someone is coveting your territory! Build mighty ground troop and air force to combat against the Schorner troops, attack other player's base around the world to win loot and trophies, scramble for more territories, and develop your country into a superpower!
1.Initiative strategy game with War Piece element.
2.Develop your Base and deploy mighty troops to defend against other players worldwide.
3.Build War Pieces to fight for territories from other players. Never start a war unless you are ready for it!
4.Wipe out the invader's War Pieces to defend your own territories.
5.Trade for resource and collect tax from territories to get financial support.
6.Claim the daily task and get extra bonus.
7.Join the Alliance War to build a powerful united front!
This is a interesting HQ game, but you may not the one able to master its strategy!

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War Times

JIEAO Technology Co.Ltd
Genres: Games Simulation Strategy

App description:
Commander, the war is on! Welcome to War Times!
War Times is a strategy game combined with miniatures element. You can build your military base, develop ground troops and air forces, deploy troops for defense and expand your vast territory. Need more resource? Try to attack other bases, occupy more territories, or challenge the evil General Schorner, all of these would provide you abundant of resource!

Key Features:
-Provide both single player mode (PvE territory war and Challenge Schorner) and multiplayer mode (PvP territory war and loot battle).
-Turn-based territory war brings an experience of moving pieces on a chessboard.
-Bring in Teleport Point for loot battle. Destroy enemys building to acquire Teleport Points, and take more troops into battlefield.
-Deploy troops or upgrade buildings on your territory to defense against invaders.
-Territory tax revenue system makes it easier to earn gems.
-Trade Market allows player to exchange resource for gems.
-Complete the daily task will get extra rewards.
-Upcoming graphic optimization.

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Minimum iOS Version: iOS 7.0

Download Size: 98.3MB

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How to start a territory war:
1)Generate War Pieces in the Camp.
2)Or deploy troops in the nearby county, and then generate War Pieces as following:
Step 1: Enter the County Center or Garrison
Step 2: Tap the Deploy button and select units, then back to the map.
Step 3: Send Troops you need, and tap the OK button.
Step 4: Tap one of the white dots to move.
3)Move War Pieces into opponent's territory, and set up a Command Post. So, a territory war get started. The both side take actions alternatively within set round.

The County Center cannot be attacked unless all of the four Garrisons are occupied.
Player can move multiple War Pieces within one round.

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Woman looks like Anna off frozen lol
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looks great, I am gonna try it
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How to get Gems
1)Cleaning Obstacles in the Base has a certain chance of get gems.
2) Earn gems from Daily Task.
3) Tax revenue from territories. Territory produces both resource and gem tax, which can be collected in Tax Office.
4)Destroy opponents Command Post in territory war.
5)Exchange resources for gems in Trade Market.
6)Achieve the accomplishments.
7) Challenge General Schorner.