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App description: "Final War: 5 Dragons is a fantasy card battle game, where combat is decided through a classic turn-based puzzle.
War has descended upon the enchanted world of Gloren, and only you have the power to vanquish the Warlords that now assail your lands.
Your Dragons can summon mighty Heroes, conjure awesome Artifacts and unleash terrifying Power cards to aid you in your epic struggle.
Participate in Quests and Campaigns against the wrathful Warlords to acquire loot, esteem and a chance to unlock the glorious Void Dragon.
With sensational art and immersive gameplay, Final War: 5 Dragons is the must-play game of 2015!
11-22-2015, 02:33 PM
Surprised there's not a thread for this yet, good mix of match 3 and CCG. 36 different heroes, 5 dragons, 60 powers, 84 artifacts and 60 fortification cards to create your team from. 192 different enemies to fight against from 12 different armies. Loads of levels and still being updated.