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App description: Survive in really harsh and cold badlands Siberia! Explore empty snow-covered forests to find water, food or wood to make fire! Dont get frozen! Use special survival tools hidden around or craft your own ones. Build a shelter with a fireplace to hide from freezing cold! Stay alive at all costs with Siberian Survival: Cold Winter 3D game! Do you feel the fear quaking with cold? Upgrade your survival skills hunting, gathering and crafting!

Play this ultimate survival simulator in 3D! You are a person lost in Siberian woods. Its too cold here! Find or build shelter to hide, hunt for wild animals to get food and find water to stay alive. Mind survivors status health, fullness, water rate and, of course, warmth rate! Avoid freezing cold its a right way to death! Explore forest badlands, avoid meeting with aggressive Siberian predators or hint them to make your next meal. Find weapons and other survival tools or craft it yourself! But be really careful! Outdoor temperature might be about -30 degrees, build a fire to keep yourself warm! Hunt animals to feed your character, cut trees to get wood and use your loot to build a house and stay alive! Dont forget to check survivors status dont let it become red! Keep yourself fed, warm and sleep well. Its the only chance to survive in this extreme conditions! Try Siberian Survival: Cold Winter great game to overcome the fear of freezing cold!

Siberian Survival: Cold Winter features:

-Explore cold Siberian badlands snow-covered forests inhabited by dangerous predators
-Various survival tools to find and craft new ones clothes, weapons, matches, wood to make a fire and others
-Use your loot carefully mind all the survivors indicators and statuses to stay alive
-Hunt animals to find food and protect yourself from predators attacks
-Ultimate survival simulator in extreme winter conditions

Are your ready to survive in cold mystic badlands? Start your own survival story! Explore Siberian woods, hunt animal and build shelter not to freeze to the full! Upgrade your survival skills hunting, gathering and crafting! Dress warmly in new armor of Siberian predator's skin and go in search of adventure on the frozen expanses of the game! Enjoy Siberian Survival: Cold Winter game in 3D!

TouchArcade Bot's comments:

Free Version:http://itunes.apple.com/app/id1058822192?mt=8
11-23-2015, 07:26 AM
Anyone tried it?
11-23-2015, 07:27 AM
Wats this
11-24-2015, 08:38 AM
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There is a free version so I'm getting it first just to see how legit it is and since it's free no risk involved as I've been burnt lately (zodiac)
It's got a long ways to go!
Some big downers are the sound effects when you move through the snow it's a terrible sound that gets real annoying fast. No ability to craft housing at least that I've seen in the free version. Very limited stuff. I walked up and punched a deer a few times Before he finally had enough and moved on. That shouldn't have been the case anyway it was so unreal. Sorry but this one has a ways to go to compete w Radiation Island which it sort of reminds me of but a way worse version of it.

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