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[NZ,CA] Splash Cars (by Craneballs s.r.o.)

11-23-2015, 08:30 AM
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[NZ,CA] Splash Cars (by Craneballs s.r.o.)

Splash Cars

Craneballs s.r.o.
Genres: Games Racing Action

Tired of the everyday grey? Color the world in a ride of your life!

Riding a splash car is exactly what you'd expect. Fun! Paint oozes from your machine leaving a colorful trail behind.

But not everybody likes fun. The cops are always watching and will chase you to the ends of the world, when they see you drive free. They want to bust you for shaking up the established order.

Don't let them! Be quick and break the chase. Now's your chance to fully express yourself through color and style.

* Race for freedom of expression.
* Choose your own style from a range of original splash paint cars.
* Grow the racy art challenge in new and constantly growing neighborhoods.
* Use bohemian power-ups to sabotage cops and supersize your car.
* Convert public servants to aid you in your cause.

You are special. You broke free from the shackles of conformity. You have the power to free other people as well. Paint their world a brighter color, convince them to join you in your cause.

You are a visionary on a creative mission. Lead the way and people will follow.

Supported Devices:
  • iPhone4
  • iPad2Wifi
  • iPad23G
  • iPhone4S
  • iPadThirdGen
  • iPadThirdGen4G
  • iPhone5
  • iPodTouchFifthGen
  • iPadFourthGen
  • iPadFourthGen4G
  • iPadMini
  • iPadMini4G
  • iPhone5c
  • iPhone5s
  • iPhone6
  • iPhone6Plus
  • iPodTouchSixthGen

Minimum iOS Version: iOS 7.0

Download Size: 73.7MB

11-23-2015, 09:21 AM
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This one is definitely worth checking out if you have a CA or NZ account. I've been having a lot of fun with it so far. Great controls, a bunch of content. An all around great game.

11-23-2015, 10:16 AM
11-23-2015, 10:45 AM
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Please release in the US soon...This looks fantastic!!
11-23-2015, 02:23 PM
Mmm... I'm pretty sure I posted something in this thread already. Has a new thread been opened for the same game?
11-24-2015, 12:05 PM
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Yeah, our bad :/ Noticed too late and can't find the delete button now, nowhere in the thread tools.
11-24-2015, 03:33 PM
Originally Posted by craneballs View Post
Yeah, our bad :/ Noticed too late and can't find the delete button now, nowhere in the thread tools.
You can't delete a thread I'm afraid. When is global release scheduled/planned? I downloaded from the NZ App Store but deleted in the end because I couldn't sync well with iTunes. From what I played, the batteries were on the low side, even after achieving the 6th battery. Is there a battery doubler IAP planned?

EDIT: seen the other thread where you state you're looking for a January global launch. Will be waiting until then.

As per the codes, something must have changed in the App Store. When Pocket Mine 2 was released on a few countries as soft launch, I got a promo code and was able to link my early access download to my Spanish App Store account, getting access 1-2 months prior to release. And obviously, the game hadn't been released in that App Store yet. I don't know why the promo codes for this one aren't working, but they must have changed something for sure...

EDIT 2: https://forums.developer.apple.com/thread/22256 I guess you're not the only ones with promo code problems regarding soft launches. Something isn't working on Apple's side for sure...

Last edited by VirtualBoyFreak; 11-24-2015 at 03:56 PM.
11-25-2015, 09:22 AM
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Well, people said they saw "Not available in the US." rather than "Cannot connect to Appstore."

In the past, one batch of codes worked, other did not, but now it seems they're all are duds.

Battery capacity is increased in daily bonuses, and also as map rewards, current maximum is 13. However you're not the first to ask, so we'll think through what would adding such an in-app do to the game design.

Thanks for all the info provided.