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App description: "Nothing clears a troubled mind better than shooting a bow" - Fred Bear

Experience the magic of archery with never before seen depth and challenge!

Core Archery introduces an intuitive single touch gesture to simulate the drawing, aiming and anchoring of the drawing arm. It appears as easy and simple at first, but the depth is revealed as you progress to longer distances.

For consistent good scores you need to practice your drawing, aiming and release technique. Precision and focus is the key to success in this game. Failed technique will lead to unaligned posture and you'll be surprised where the arrow flies after the release!

Key features:
-Unique single touch controls
-Realistic archery experience
-9 levels with lots of challenge
-Smooth 3D graphics
-Ad Sponsored: completely free to play

(5/5) Simple yet compelling

"As an ex-club archer I can report that this game is pretty close to the real experience (even the sound), at least in terms of aiming and arrow flight. There are no silly power-ups or fancy missions to undertake - just you, the bow and standard targets set at various distances. Score at least 50 with the 12 arrows and you unlock the next target. It gets much harder as you progress and technique becomes the deciding factor. Holding the sight on target for too long makes aiming very difficult, as per the real thing. The sight is calibrated for each new distance but countering wind speed and direction is up to you to judge (a guide is given). Also as with the real thing you get worse as you tire (in this case just your eyes of course). The adverts appear every few rounds and are not too intrusive. There is an option to remove them but I have not yet felt the need to do so. This is a great app, and comes recommended, as is the developer's other app for clay shooting (which I did pay for)."

About the author:
Aleksi Rantonen has previously released a clay shooting game called Clay Hunt, which has been praised by skeet enthusiasts as the most authentic clay shooting game. Due to realistic game play "Clay Hunt" is used as a training tool for target acquisition. Already some shooting coaches have started to recommend the game for their students. Clay Hunt has been downloaded already over 3 million times.

aleksirantonen's comments:

11-24-2015, 03:22 PM
Joined: Nov 2009
Location: Finland
Posts: 67
story behind the game

For several years I have had a vision how an archery game should feel like. I was sure it was possible to capture some of the magic of archery by introducing more depth to the game play. After years of prototyping different approaches, I finally found an approach matching my vision.

Core Archery introduces an intuitive single touch gesture to simulate the drawing and aiming the bow, anchoring the drawing arm in-line with the arrow shaft and how far the string is drawn. It appears as easy and simple first, but the depth is revealed to the player as he or she progresses.

Please try it out. All feedback is very welcome and helpful as I continue developing the game!
11-26-2015, 02:58 AM
Joined: Nov 2014
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I will try it out when I'm on WiFi later today . Looks promising.