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"...its well worth a play and to find out how steady your hands are" --

"An engaging game that's challenging and fun..." --

"Simple and Nicely Done" --


"...with tilt/touch controls that are surprisingly responsive. Overall, a fun, extremely polished title"


Take control of a top secret space craft in Gravity Wave, Ideal Binarys latest iPhone and iPod touch game. Use your ships Gravity Drive to propel you through 24 challenging, fast-paced levels and prove your skill as the ultimate pilot.

Collect all the canisters distributed throughout each level to progress to the next. Avoid the obstacles and keep your ship in the air. Don't forget to re-energize your ship!

Gravity Wave is much faster paced than other gravity games, and controlling your ship takes a little time to master. Keep your ship in the air by tapping the screen to achieve vertical lift. Use as little power as possible. You only need to keep your finger pressed on the screen for a short amount of time to achieve enough lift, especially in the harder game modes.

o 24 levels of increasing difficulty.
o 4 difficulty settings: Rookie / Normal / Master / Hyper.
o In-game iPod Music playback.
o In-game map to help chart your position.
o Beautifully rendered alien worlds.
o Many different terrains, from cold, dank caves to red hot asteroid cores.
o Powerful graphics engine built from the ground up for iPhone.
o Space warping special effects.
o Fast-paced, challenging game play throughout.
o Use black holes to slingshot your ship through space.
o Ride the gravitational waves from pulsars.
o Push against gravitational currents.

Check out a preview of Gravity Wave on YouTube at:

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09-30-2009, 08:13 AM
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Youtube link | Pop Up

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09-30-2009, 09:56 AM
Just tried the first couple of levels. It's similar to Graviton, but with enough differences in game play and graphics to make it worthwhile on it's own. The visuals are really very nice and the frame rate (at least on a 3Gs) is Meteor-Blitz-smooth, with tilt/touch controls that are surprisingly responsive. Overall, a fun, extremely polished title, and definitely worth $.99.
10-05-2009, 07:17 PM
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Thanks for the code! I played through the first several levels on the easiest setting (rookie). So far I am impressed. The graphics are very well done. The controls are responsive and work well, but take a little practice to get used to. No crashes or lags. The game has 4 difficulty levels- rookie, normal, master, and hyper. The first game I played, I accidently picked hyper mode. My ship did not fair well. Apparently rookie is more my speed . As you move through the game, the levels increase in difficulty.

You control your ship with both tilt and touch controls. You move through the levels collecting canisters and avoiding obstacles to move to the next level. There are green bases spread throughout which will refuel and heal your ship. The obstacles increase as you move through levels. For instance, white lasers that turn on and off at timed intervals and red lasers you have to find and fly through the switch to turn them off. You get 3 lives per game. I liked that once a level is unlocked, it stays unlocked. There are local scores. I would recommend adding online scores and achievements (OpenFeint is my personal favorite).

This game has elements from Graviton and lunar landing type games, but is still unique. I think the game is a well done game, and I like it. Definitely worth the .99! There is a lite version so you can see if it is for you. Leaving a review on iTunes.

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