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Pathos: Nethack Codex

12-01-2015, 06:18 PM
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Pathos: Nethack Codex

Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...x10host.pathos

Pathos is a roguelike adventure game based on the rule set from Nethack. The game engine was built from scratch for touch screen devices. Pathos captures the essence of Nethack while being quick and fun to play.

The Wizard discovers a Treasure Zoo!

For more platforms and game play videos:

12-02-2015, 08:40 AM
Joined: Sep 2015
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Many things I like, a few things I don't This is a nice graphical implementation of Nethack. I wish that it would be possible to make a diagonal move in corridors, that is often necessary to avoid getting hit when being chased by monsters. It would also be nice if it were possible to pick up items by tapping on the map rather than the item description in the lower right. A few other minor things (like finding HELP) about the interface that bug me, but overall, it is quite good and hopefully it will enjoy a long life on the Android platform.
12-02-2015, 08:54 AM
Joined: Dec 2015
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There have been a few interface improvements since that review. You can double tap to pick up items from the map, even if you're not standing on the item. The help, save & quit are now slightly more discoverable by swiping from the left side. You can also double tap yourself to wait one turn.

Diagonal moves was a design decision - I wanted it to be a little bit harder when lurking in corridors and a slight bit of realism. I mean, can you really go diagonally through a corner? If you were fleeing a monster, I think that is where they would catch up with you.
12-09-2015, 05:46 AM
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Pathos now has pets! You start with a companion and you can tame neutral domestic animals along the way. Maybe even polymorph your dog to see what you get. The update is available now on Google Play.
12-15-2015, 05:51 AM
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Pathos Update!

You can now pan the view in addition to pinch and zoom.

There is a toggle between real-time and turn-based on the top right of the screen. The real-time mode is fast to play and death will be swift if you are not paying attention. The good news is I have built some decent smarts into the auto-attack in this mode. You won't just sit there like a lame duck as monsters beat on you. I've also reduced the nutrition drain when idle to keep it fair as well. Even if a real-time sounds too hard you may still want to use it to quickly clear a zoo room (so you don't have to click to attack every time) but keep an eye on your life points!

I've add two new items: ring of beserking and potion of rage. Beserking causes random rage. Rage tints the screen red and you will automatically attack anything next to you, whether it be friend or foe. Your strength bonus is doubled when in this rage. So brute rage is twice as effective and weakling rage is twice as ineffective.
12-19-2015, 04:20 AM
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Hey thanks I can reveal a couple of things that are coming next. Firstly I am extending the hall of fame to show the top 20 in each role. We will discover who is the #1 Tourist! I am also looking into a new dungeon generation algorithm to take you beyond level 25.