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12-02-2015, 08:07 AM
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TrackMaster is a real physics car engine game.
If you like Simulator Games and Car Driving, try it for FREE.

**** Challenge the best record ****

* Drive 7 different fantastic super cars
* Easy controllers
* Fantastic suspension
* Real World Environments
* Realistic Camera Views
* Beautiful Full HD Graphics
* Realistic engine sounds
* Realistic physics behavior
* Realistic acceleration control



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12-02-2015, 08:34 AM
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Can't import into Racerender2 I export my session as an Excel file. When I import into Racerender it says "unrecognized or unsupported file format" What the heck?? Edit: Video format. Gee, thanks. Options are "image", "excel", and "google earth". The excel file is the only one of those that seem like they would work with racerender2, but I exported all 3 types anyways and tried to add to racerender2. No success.Then read user guide, then wrote this comment. A thoughtful response goes a long way, especially when the detail required is not provided in user guide.