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This week's releases

12-10-2015, 08:27 AM
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This week's releases

Thought maybe good idea a thread discussing week's releases. Not competition for game of the week thread, this is just posting impressions and stuff. Point out possible underdogs, and not so good games.

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12-10-2015, 08:58 AM
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So I started this week, and you can see the obvious hits a mile away like the a good snowman is hard to build, so I thought I'd look at some others.

First one looked at was Toadled. Thought it maybe like that quirky Japanese game by the picture but it's a very simple game that is not so good quality, press for a tongue to come out and eat the miscellaneous objects.

Second game tried Creature Racers. Decent likeable game, racer where you race one animal opponent, with two key mechanics. (No steering the animal) One chance to press boost in a race, and the second mechanism is how well you jump the hurdles. (Eg pressing at the right time)
And then you can upgrade parts of your animal's body.. Like the buttocks!..
My problem with this one, I seem to be doing the same map over and over. And multiplayer, the one opportunity to do a different map and it's all very similar agonisingly simple basic lap design.
Could do well on App Store. But not a keeper for me.

Spunge invaders - I like this, got character, got some originality (you're defending water!), got a mix of controls(flicks and moving a shooting aim). Stays in my iPad for moment. Criticism maybe it needs allow player to upgrade with enticing powerful upgrades.

Geometry Race - short impression of this as my ancient iPad mini suffers a bit of slowdown on this. This was the first one I picked out as wanting to try after seeing the list due to loving the concept. Upon trying it's basically a Free version of Race the Sun(which is a fantastic game on the PC). Only difference is the flamboyant geometry look which maybe compelling on further levels. But I kind of would have hoped for a bit more difference than race the sun than its gone for it.

Baseball Riot- basically angry birds with a baseball bat. Don't get me wrong, it's a decent quality release, and satisfying hit sounds with the baseball bat,as well as some twists, and additional objectives(getting the stars and stuff) Just not an angry birds fan here. Deleted.

The blocks- decent, very simple, but it's got gameplay there. Keep for meanwhile.

Galactic pixel wars- hit left or right with your light sabre according to where enemy coming from. Too simple. But only a max score of 11 so could be wrong. But nonetheless can't see anything I'm missing. Deleted.

Dodger ball - seemed fairly ok but then yellow ball got stuck on the side in a bug.

Gnomercy- game I most want to like by first impressions has crashed twice.(maybe my mini). Now it runs, seems lemmings-like. But level 4 appears to be bugged.

Toadled- Deleted
Creature Racers- Could be popular on app store, deleted for me.
Spunge Invaders- Staying on device for meanwhile
Geometry Race- Race the Sun clone- deleted
Baseball riot- angry birds with a baseball bat, decent but deleted.
The blocks- decent, staying on device for meanwhile
Galactic pixel wars- deleted.
Dodger Ball-Deleted
Gnomaze- deleted
Jump Warrior- Deleted
Battle Bros- Deleted
Kristie- fairly ok, staying on device for meanwhile.
Midnight terrors- staying
Stachey Brothers- large file for what it is-(143mb) - deleted
Catalysm- looked slightly interesting,but far too confusing - deleted

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12-10-2015, 09:51 AM
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Only one download from the list this week - Cataclysm. I forsee many Dark Days Ahead trying to figure this one out, though I've already solved the first puzzle; namely changing the language from default Chinese into English. That only took me 15 minutes and it's looking easier already. I like the idea that there are no goals except survival, and it remains to be seen if the gameplay will match the challenge of learning the interface.
12-10-2015, 04:44 PM
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Catalysm does look quite impressive for free. But not a big fan of the less accessible rogue-likes. Will try it though
12-10-2015, 05:40 PM
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Jump Warrior- its basically a press the right time to jump game. Its ok, bit too simple.

Kristie- game whose target audience are girls/women, (but anyone can play it) and it's a decent one! I could see my niece playing it. Basically a platformer where you collect notes, and the number of notes you collect affects the standard of the small guitar solo she does at the end. Good art style on this, and good variety of platform implements. Could do well on the App Store.

Battle Bros- its a bit cumbersome, its tower defence not at it's best, but maybe a bit different defending the routeways of the house. Has an annoying feature whereby the icon's to build towers default design makes it look like the button is still recharging. Deleted for me, find a better TD.

Mr Right- if you can forgive the theme, okish puzzle game guiding the guy around some roads(he can only go right), so press at the right time to orient him. Lively theme. Nice blocky graphics style.

Midnight terrors- it's a slightly lesser quality game graphics wise,(you can just distinct what the icons are) but it's a great concept and I'm finding it enjoyable to play. Essentially a tower defence game. Nightmares come to scare this kid- each time taking a different path to the bed. Too many get to the bed and the kid's anxiety goes up.

Strachey Brothers- really entertaining introduction and theme to the game, with a slight contrast with the actual game. But it's a ok puzzler.

Shep dreams- it's a good concept, you, or the narrator is stuck in a nightmare (game) with unending doors. Controls you have to adjust to, they're not great. But the narrative is quite entertaining.

Song of Pan- quality game. Right graphics style,right entertaining way to the game(collect music notes scattered around to 'peter piper' sheep to the exit). One of the best games this week.

Pooties - derivative of old school gaming appeal, could be something found on the snes. Follow a sort of racing ice track, collecting all sorts of unidentified power-ups, and food to keep you going on the track longer. I like this one, but I think it could have had a few more ideas also.

Catalysm- this seems like a PC port, very confusing. Liked the textual descriptions as an attempt of immersiveness, but then the game got to a black rat, please turn safe mode off with a !, or a ' to ignore. Quite where those buttons were I don't know. Deleted.

Of what I tried my favourites:
Song of Pan
Midnight terrors
Spunge invaders

To do well on App Store:
1) Kristie
2) creature Racers
3) Mr Right(possibly)

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12-10-2015, 11:38 PM
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I like what u did in this thread with showing all downloaded and which deleted and kept. Good deal . I'll add my selections as well
12-11-2015, 04:30 AM
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Thank you, it'll be great to see others impressions too.
12-11-2015, 09:55 AM
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Glad I found this thread - too many things happening on the app store - downloading Mr Right as we speak.
I've just played a few rounds of Spunge Invader - so far I like it! The controls are what make the game - they are smooth. Will keep playing it for the time being.
One suggestion to add to the list is Polyblast (Disclaimer: I work on the team that created the game) - its really cool and worth checking out and the christmas update was released less than a week ago
12-12-2015, 07:20 AM
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Ah I tried polyblast before as some people were saying it's the game they've most playing. But couldn't get into it. Wilł try again.

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12-12-2015, 07:54 AM
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Christmas Biscuits - is a decent kids game released this week. Took my kid engaged for some time.