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App description: Do you like a challenge ? Well you're in for a treat...

Optimized for ipad and iphone, here's a football manager game that's like nothing you've ever seen before. An app that's ram packed with features and highly addictive gameplay. A new kind of football manager sports game with a unique, fast paced ARCADE style of play, where it's easy to pick up and tap your way through hours and hours worth of entertaining fun.

Whether you call it a football or soccer game, all of the classic management elements are here. You create your own team from scratch, you build and sculpt your first squad to perfection. You then set your team on the path to glory, trying to claw your way out of the non-league park and up through five increasingly difficult leagues. If you've got what it takes to be a football manager then you'll finally make it to the glory and riches of the 'Gold league' summit, where only the best managers can survive. Be warned, competition is fierce at the top, you'll be testing your football / soccer manager skill in every single game and you'll be up against the toughest opposition possible.

While climbing leagues, and playing in exciting cup games you'll be involved with managing a wide range of colourful player types. From psychopaths to fashion icons, will you be able to mould the perfect team and create a well oiled goal scoring football machine ?

Make no mistake, the path to glory is not easy... football management is meant to be challenging. You'll need all of your wits about you as manager, as you develop your own styles of play. Will you adapt to your opposition? Or will you stamp your authority all over the league and force them all to adapt to you ?

Decision making doesn't end there... it's tough going in the transfer market too. You'll need to always be 'on your game' as you search for the next superstar, bargain veteran or up and coming youth player. Wheel and deal your way to success with a tense, nail-biting bidding system. It's here where you'll compete with up to six opposition teams for your target player's signature.

You asked for unlockables. Well, we've got unlockables ! Lot's of them. Win matches and you unlock a whole bunch of advanced tactics to choose from. Up against a talented strike force? Put your star defender in the centre of the ultra-defensive 'park the bus' tactic. Pitting your wits against a weak defence in the cup semi-final? Why not go completely 'GUNG HO!' and blitz them with an all out attacking approach. There's long ball, keep the ball, counter-attacking play, defensive, hard tackling, not to mention the infamous, 'chop down star man' tactic... plus tons more to keep you entertained.

Everyone loves a good BONUS. Well we've got loads of those too ! Game time and success is rewarded in 'The manager : a football story'. Score goals, you get a bonus. Win the match, you get a bonus, come back from behind, you get a bonus (you get the idea). Keep playing and over time you're able to unlock the HUGE achievement bonuses that go directly into your club's 'Bank'.

There are too many features to list in 'The Manager : A Football Story', but here are some important points...

--- It's Extremely easy to pick up and play. (that is, if you can put it down).

--- Because absolutely nobody asked, we've included a FREE FULL EDITOR so that you can create your own in-game environment. Add and save your favourite teams at the start and simply tap any players name during the game to change it. Add favourite players, yourself, your brother, your sister, mum, dad, best friend or even your dog. We've given you the tools to create whatever you wish, now go and have some fun.

--- No adverts. We don't like adverts.
12-23-2015, 05:47 PM
Awesome game!!!!! Been playing for hours. This is how free games use to be. I don't even know anything about soccer. Love it!!!

12-23-2015, 05:52 PM
Giving it a try now.
12-23-2015, 05:54 PM
It doesn't adjust to 6+ screen but so much fun didn't even notice.

First season I was destroyed but once i was able to start signing new peeps and adjusting their formations. And subbing low star players. I'm wining now.

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12-24-2015, 01:17 AM
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What is the deal with the IAP?

The Unofficial Touch Arcade's Captain Slow(TM)

Honestly, I was never terribly good at games. - Finch (PoI S2E16)
12-24-2015, 05:21 AM
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Didnt knew there are still games out there who do not support iPhone 6 or higher screen sizes.

Will wait before playing it
12-24-2015, 08:06 AM
Originally Posted by currymutton View Post
What is the deal with the IAP?
Only one currency. And you earn enough during seasons it's not needed to iap more.

12-24-2015, 08:07 AM
Originally Posted by Kraudi2k View Post
Didnt knew there are still games out there who do not support iPhone 6 or higher screen sizes.

Will wait before playing it
Yeh. It just has bars on side and a little bit of fuzzyness to some images.

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12-24-2015, 09:02 AM
That game is just awesome, the graphic quality, new feature of the game. really thanks for the game suggestion.
12-24-2015, 01:45 PM
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This looks great! Love football and I like management games. Like that's it's not over complex like some of the modern footy manager games.
I'd like a football manager c64 remake