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App description: A one-of-a-kind balance maze game to test your motion control skills

The goal is simple: guide the Ball to the end of the maze without touching any objects or walls. Sounds easy, right? Well prepare to have your skills and reflexes challenged! The Ball is controlled by tilting your device; the more you tilt, the faster it goes. Be careful not to roll too fast or youll run into an obstacle, but not too slow or youll run out of time. Of course, the motion controls were designed to be super responsive and easy to use, giving you full control of the Ball as you find your way to the end.

This includes two unique modes for players of different skill levels: arcade and classic mode. You may also collect cubes in the game to upgrade your awesome Focus and Sprint abilities or buy new Balls with cool powers like the Magnet, Iron Suit and Kitty Power


Fun fast-paced gameplay with intuitive controls
Easy calibration so controls are always responsive
Awesome abilities to use when you need them most
Collect Cubes to upgrade abilities and buy potions
New lightsaber with other fun powers to unlock
Over 100+ different levels with more on the way

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Gameplay Trailer

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