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App description: The classic brick breaker game with a new twist! Your new Arkanoid addiction!
Can you be the villagers' hero and break them out of the monsters' stronghold?
Keep up with the bouncing ball and deflect it with your paddle in this classic breakout game!

From the creators of Coin Dozer and Prize Claw 2, Brick Breaker Hero is a whole new Arkanoid adventure!

Monsters have come to terrorize each kingdom in the land, and the villagers need a hero!
A hero has come, wielding a powerful shield and armed with magic spells to cast at the monsters and their brick obstacles. Will the Hero prevail, defeating the monsters and breakout the villagers?

Brick Breaker Hero is the breakout Arkanoid game you need to play!

Direct the Hero through the adventure, bouncing the ball off the shield and into the fray of obstacles. Break and destroy each brick, much like classic Arkanoid, until you've succeeded each level's mission! Destroy enemy minions, collect treasure, clear levels, and break out the helpless citizens!

- Classic brick breaker Arkanoid breakout gameplay with a modern, mobile twist!
- Over 200 fun and challenging levels with more coming soon!
- Many power-up spells your hero can cast, containing spectacular effects and aiding your quest to win each level!
- Unique kingdoms, each with their own theme and unique adventure!
- Boss and mini-boss fights, each having a new ability to challenge your hero!
- Easy to play, difficult to master: Try to achieve 3 stars on each level!
- Connect with Facebook friends and see who can get the highest scores!
- More features to come!

Limelight's comments:

Also available on android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...gamecircus.boa

01-14-2016, 08:30 AM
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01-14-2016, 10:20 AM
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Nice to finally see something by Game Circus again besides the Coin Dozer games. (I will say that I kinda liked their Prize Claw game. Shh!) I do love me some Brick Breaker games. Downloading now.
01-17-2016, 03:07 AM
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I NEED this.

01-24-2016, 03:00 PM
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It was needed. Right before King.com.

Imho 5 stars.
01-24-2016, 03:40 PM
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Originally Posted by FiloMJ View Post
It was needed. Right before King.com.

Imho 5 stars.
Yea, definitely a good game.