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Another video game quiz with *unlocks and levels*

01-14-2016, 05:58 PM
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Another video game quiz with *unlocks and levels*

Hi iOS folks!

*Work in progress*
I am currently making a video game quiz with unlockable content.
It means there is a Main mode where you just have to guess the name of the game from an in-game screenshot.
Something like this :

Did you recognize Final Fantasy VII : Crisis Core? Well, the answer is just "Final Fantasy".

And this one is Super Mario 64 with the answer being "Super Mario".

There will be 2 modes

- Main "Story" mode: Just like Icomania, you progress through levels and you have to press on buttons to complete the placeholders. (see previous screenshot). Your progress will unlock options for the Custom mode
- Custom mode: You decide on the quiz you will get. Only Wii games? Only RPG games?

So far, I am still not sure how I will make the custom mode. Will there be a time limit? Will each quiz generate a seed so that you can share it and have your friends run the same quiz?
I always thought of making other ways of input: MCQ and "textfield input" (where you type directly instead of pressing on buttons) - it would correspond to some kind of difficulty modes. Maybe I leave it to the users to decide in the options?

Any tips/opinions are welcomed!
01-16-2016, 12:58 PM
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The UI is done (basic version)
As well as the logic of the Story mode.
So now, I'll be adding content.

Small victory animation here