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[FREE LEARNING-GAME] X=1: Learn to solve equations!

01-19-2016, 06:59 AM
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[FREE LEARNING-GAME] X=1: Learn to solve equations!

Hello and good day!

I would like to use this forum to show you my application and i would be very happy to get feedback and critic from you. This is my first project and there is so much to learn – and different viewpoints are more than needed. English is not my first language so i hope that the following description is not too 'german-sounding'.

The name of my app is: x=1: Learn to solve equations! and you can find it directly at the google play store.
Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...?id=com.dg.eqs

What is it about? (with a twinkle in one's eye)

Solving equations often causes difficulties, either in math class or later in life. At first glance they consist of cryptic characters, which are also subject to strict rules! It gets even worse: Every time we take a step to find the desired X - we have to note down the whole equation again!

But x=1 will save your day! Use it for fun, to learn or to refresh your knowledge - you can now try to find the hard to catch X without any paperwork at all! All you have to do is to connect two parts of the equation step by step - of course only if the mathematical principles allow it. Additionally, you are free to use the equal sign as you like, so you can move things from one side of the equation to the other.

In the attachment you can see some very simple exaples.

In x=1 you'll be able to solve equations build with the basic arithmetic operations + -, *, /. To spice things up, the rules of bracketing are also included. 40 preset equations gradually teach you the mathematical principles - after that you'll be released into the huge world of equations to puzzle over an infinite number of randomly generated ones!

I am realy happy about your feedback and (honest- this is important) star-ratings in the Play-Store!

With mathematical regards
Daniel Gronau
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02-16-2016, 05:28 AM
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First of all a big thanks to all who played, testet and contributed to x=1 with invaluable Feedback!

The first update x=1 Version 1.1 is now ready and features the first step of developement to honor your feedback.

What's new?

There are now an unlimited number of randomly generated equations! You can solve them as long as you like.


The calculation with fractions was simplified and you don't have to solve a big equation if you add two fractions with the same denominator or if you multiply it with 1 or 0!

With mathematical regards
Daniel Gronau
03-08-2016, 12:31 AM
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Mathematical regards!

Version 1.2 is available and improves the handling of divisions, brackes and signs. But first a big thanks to all who played x=1 and provided invaluable feedback! Thanks to you it can get more refined in every update.


If a bracket is expanded, the single element is now multiplied to the specific side of the participants inside the bracket. For example: (1+2)*5 -> 1*5+2*5 (to the right side) and 5*(1+2) -> 5*1+5*2 (to the left side).

Finally, no calculation will be done when adding 0 to a division.

Also a minus before a division won't be moved inside: 1-(1/2) will not turn to 1+(-1/2) but stay as 1-(1/2)!
05-30-2016, 01:10 AM
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Mathematical regards!

Version 1.3 is available and brings a new mathematical operation!

New features:
You can now reduce a division if it is simplified by the operation.

More detailed error messages added! This is only the first step. The next update will get you a detailed explanation of every mathematical operation or error.

It is now possible to use the back-button of your device to discard your last operation.

Some rare errors were addressed, concerning the size of some texts and the disappearance of the interaction arrow.