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App description: Featured on AntyApps.pl and iPlayApps.de!

Destruction Dots is a completely new genre where timing is the only key to succeed.

Designed with an extremely high level of difficulty in mind, it will keep every gamers entertained for hours.

Introducing 30 levels of absolute pain, including 6 bosses that will have you going insane.

No in-app-purchases, no advertisements. Pure action.

Please note : *** Destruction Dots is untested on older devices. Users with iPhones of 4th generation and below (excluding the iPhone 4s), iPods of 4th generation and below, and iPads of 2nd generation and below may experience drops in frame rate ***

NCEntertainment's comments:

A message to all users of the forums :

First and foremost, if you decide to purchase Destruction Dots, thank you very much for your support.

Here's what you should know before you buy it. I don't KNOW for a sure fact if you will think your money is well spent. I, personally, enjoy playing it, and loved designing it, but I haven't had any feedback other than family and friends (and God knows how dishonest that feedback usually is ). I know this is not a very formal post, but I prefer it that way!

The game goes a little bit like this. You have control over 2 portals. There's a ball/dot/circle (whatever you prefer calling it) that bounces up and down the screen. You do not have direct control over the ball, but you can place portals at a location, and when the ball reaches either the top or the bottom boundary, it will be relocated to the portal. I thought it was fun because you have to get the timing right.

As you'll progress through the 30 levels, bombs are added, which will instakill you. Then, more monsters (yes, monsters are represented by dots, I'm an incredibly talented artist, right? ) will eventually join the party, all with different behaviours, getting more and more complex as you go. Every 5 levels you'll encounter bosses, all of which have completely different mechanics.

Destruction Dots is designed to be really hard, at least for me and the people who play-tested it.

Anyways, I sincerely hope you'll enjoy it. I am the developper of the game, reply to this thread if there is anything you would like to know. Any feedback is appreciated, thank you for your time!

Here's a trailer :

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Originally Posted by NCEntertainment View Post
This is a cool little game, can tell a lot of love went into making it.
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Hey fellow TA members,

I'd like to let you guys know that Destruction Dots contains no advertisements/IAPs and is entirely FREE until Friday!

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