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App description: Get addicted, find the best gear, load your weapons, duel other players online, win great prizes, defeat epic opponents, and grow in the scavenger ranks.

Scavenger Duels is a new breed of competitive turn-based Collectible Weapons Game where you fight other players online.

JUMP RIGHT IN: No long tutorials. Jump straight into your first fight and quickly learn through Scavenger Duels intuitive gameplay!

HONE YOUR SKILLS: Play in practice matches against computer-controlled heroes to master your strategy and earn better gear!

AND FIGHT FOR GLORY: When youre ready, step into multiplayer and duel other players online to grow in the scavenger battle ranks!

PREDICT YOUR OPPONENT: The key to success is always predicting your opponent's next move and swiftly countering their strategy.

STAY UNPREDICTABLE: Constantly change your strategy and play style to stay unpredictable and elusive in battle.

Note: Requires an Internet connection and iPhone 4 or better.

Terms of Service: http://www.tryadgames.com/terms
Privacy Policy: http://www.tryadgames.com/privacy

EvgeniPetrov's comments:

Here is a gameplay trailer of the game:

Here is our super funny trailer (we are very proud of it ):

We're a game dev studio called Tryad Games and this is Scavenger Duels - a fast paced multiplayer duels game for iPhone.
Our game features 4 unique elements, that don't exist in other games:

- Collectible Weapons Game - similar to collectible cards games, but with WEAPONS! Moreover, this twist allows us to create special battle mechanics that are unique to our game.

- Real-time-turn-based - instead of the traditional sequential turns approach prevalent in most games, we have an innovative simultaneous turns approach (think rock-scissors-paper), so you can play your turn immediately without having to wait for your opponent to complete their turn. Perfect for a quick battle with friends.

- Mad Max meets Hearthstone - unique post-apocalyptic setting, funny items made from scrap materials like poison knives, electric shields, and toxic dirty socks grenades.

- Truly mobile - although the gameplay is competitive and full of mind tricks, the play session is only 3 min - short enough to be played on the go, in traffic jams, while waiting in queue, etc.

A special toucharcade only offer!
If you beat Cortana and post your GameCenter Alias here we will award you extra 25k Scrap (our in-game currency). It is equal to 25 item boxes.

We would love to get your feedback!
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