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Rainimals for Android (by Guilty Goat)

01-21-2016, 12:01 PM
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Rainimals for Android (by Guilty Goat)


App description:
The professor and scientist need your help on an endless animal-dodging journey!

Rainimals is an addictive arcade game where colorful creatures, weather-related mayhem, infinite levels, and quick-reflexes are the order of the day. Navigate your way through wave after wave of robots raining from the sky in two exclusive game modes: Story and Challenges.
  • Addictive levels of infinitely increasing difficulty
  • Colorful characters to collect, each with individual emotions
  • Amusing sound effects and motivational melodies
  • Discover the quirky story behind the mayhem
  • Harness unique power-ups to help you on your way
  • Explore a variety of exciting locations
  • Compete in challenges against the clock to win trophies
  • Share your progress with friends and compare achievements

In Story mode, lead Panicky Professor and Sensible Scientist through addictive levels of infinitely increasing difficulty in a variety of exciting locations. Rescue and then play as the missing animals, including Perky Pug, Cool Cat, Guilty Goat, and more! Collect unique power-ups and harness the power of the weather!

In Challenge mode, race against the clock in a series of fiendishly difficult challenges designed to test your dodging and collecting skills to the limit. Do you have what it takes to win all the trophies? Share your progress with friends and beat their scores!

Disaster has struck the worlds first cyber-zoo in the run-up to the grand opening. The professor and scientist had been creating a revolutionary breed of robot clones using animals from around the world, but their attempts have been thrown into chaos by a devastating tornado!

Now the robotic creatures are falling rapidly from the sky, each one electrically charged from the storm, wreaking havoc wherever they land. To make matters worse the real animals are nowhere to be seen

Join our unlikely heroes as they set off on an endless animal-dodging journey, to rescue the missing animals and find a way to fix the weather!

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Further info and news - http://www.rainimals.com

Have you heard the saying "It's raining Cats and Dogs"?
Well in Rainimals it's raining Cats, Dogs, Pigs, Ducks, Goats and even the odd Tortoise!

Publisher: Guilty Goat
Genre: Arcade
Minimum Android Version: 4.0
Size: 29 MB
Version: 1.0
Price: Free

02-02-2016, 09:27 AM
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Location: West Sussex, UK
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Rainimals Update v1.1 available now

Rainimals Update v1.1 is available to download on the Play Store now.

  • NEW: You can now continue from checkpoints part way through a level instead of restarting at the beginning (level 5 onwards). Now an untimely death at the very last hurdle will be slightly less frustrating.
  • IMPROVED: Increased the number of gems that better characters can collect, think of it as a little gift from us to you.
  • IMPROVED: More variation in enemies and the game difficulty, so you never quite know what lies around the next level.
  • FIXED: Balanced the music volume levels, because we noticed things were a bit off in Copper Country.
  • FIXED: Some other minor bug fixes that we are too embarrassed about to admit.