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App description: A lonely and unhappy boy lost his colors, wandering aimlessly in this colorful world. If you happened to meet this Uncolored Boy, could you please be with him and help him get back his colors? Thanks for your kindness and companion, this journey will reward you in its own way.

Uncolored Boy is a puzzle adventure game developed by three friends. Inspired by real life experiences, the team wanted to use simple puzzles to tell a fairytale story. In the game, the main character-who is called Uncolored Boy lost all his colors. And the player is going to help him get them back. Players cant control Uncolored Boy. But since his behaviors follow certain rules, players can guide him by changing his surroundings. The level design is concise and challengingproviding a relaxing and immersive game experience. There are also a lot of elements to interact with; making sure the latter part of the game is still refreshing and interesting.

Are you ready to begin a fantastic journey? Good luck and have fun!

Delicate level design
Plentiful interactive elements
Lovable characters
Imaginative graphics
Original and soothing music
Life philosophies conveyed by simple puzzles

Limelight's comments:


01-29-2016, 12:04 PM
Joined: Jun 2014
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The game was pretty fun and enjoying. The puzzles was not that easy (well for me). Graphics and soundtrack was also good.

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