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App description: The first infinite stopper is here!
Grumz introduces a fun & simple core mechanic: constantly on the move, press anywhere to stop and navigate the incoming Grumz. Beware though, as Grumz come in different types checking your reflexes and play wits. Power ups will help you survive and score big! Beautiful visuals and sound instantly pull you into a game that belongs on every mobile device. Grumz are always ready, anywhere & anytime. Are you?
01-31-2016, 10:22 AM
This was one of this week's featured 14 "new" games in my swiss store. Four premiums, minimum five are the usual we-reproduce-one-crap-game-a-week, and one came out in April 2015. Thanks Apple, good job.

Released two weeks ago...

Absolutely nothing essential, easy to pass by...and yet, i can't deny that the icon's look and the name let me push the button to check it out. In fact, i really do like the whole minimalistic presentation but especially that cool relaxing electronical soundtrack. Gameplay is done by one thumb, ideal while standing in line for a minute. Of course it has an instant replay, otherwise it wouldn't be worth my blablabla. So if you should load it, crank up the volume a bit.
Another reason for me was, it's this unknown Devs first game, let's give 'em a chance.
I ran out of credits atm, but i'll send over the $2 to get rid of the ads pretty soon. Though ads-blocker on, i see a banner on top but not while playing.
Installed MB 67.