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BETA TESTERS Scrappers: Realtime multiplayer platform battles!

02-01-2016, 09:57 AM
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BETA TESTERS Scrappers: Realtime multiplayer platform battles!


After 1-year of hard work and some pretty big changes and challenges, we have gotten Scrappers to Beta and now we would greatly appreciate the communities feedback, bug reporting and of course suggestions.

Due to being way over schedule we have pushed Scrappers into Soft launch in Denmark, Sweden, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Belgium and Hungary. But we will aim for a big update in 1-months time when it will become available in many more countries.

If you'e in one of the countries stated above you can download Scrappers from the app store AppStore

If you're not in one of these countries then you can become a Beta Tester by replying to this thread with your email and location or writing to us with the same info at support@tuchmeow.mail.helpshift.com. We in turn will send you an email with an install link via Installrapp.

  • 1. We only have multiplayer mode active at present and therefore if there is no one to play against please invite your friends to download the game and challenge them

    2. When you create your username please publish it here along with your region so people can add you to their friend list and challenge you to games when online.

    3. There is regional limits to matchmaking and they are divided up as North & central America (server Washington), Europe (server Amsterdam), Asia (server Singapore & Tokyo), Australasia (Melbourne). We are located in Denmark for example, so we will only be able to play against people connecting to the European/Amsterdam server. We can expand this list once we have a clear business case to do so and can raise investment or finance it through game revenue.

    4. Due to servers, some locations may find the connection is too slow and you won't be able to join multiplayer games, but knowing what regions this happens in would be very good for planning future expansion.

    5. There is a feedback / bug reporting system accessible from the main menu in Scrappers, but it would also be handy to write such things here so the community can see them and comment if necessary and we keep momentum.

    6. Likewise, the game runs fine on a good 3G connection, but if you do not have this then you will need to join when you have WiFi. Spikes of over 5-seconds will remove you from the current match.

    7. The game will not run correctly on iPhone 4s and below and 1st gen iPads

The original Toucharcade development thread is here Scrappers Dev

Our Developer site is here: Tuchmeow Studio


The ultimate mobile game to play against friends, family & foes!

Real-time multiplayer action, dynamic touch controls and heaps of silly situations fluidly combined with chicken costumes, high-powered weapons, happy environments and angry animals!

Earn match points and Scrams (scrap-grams) by depositing anything you can carry while taking out your enemies with crazy weapons. Get health boosters for depositing animals and heaps of match points for depositing heavy landmarks.

Upgrade your weapons and customize your avatar by acquiring Scrams and leveling up. Challenge friends or play against random opponents from around the world.

To be victorious as a Scrapper you’ll need to combine your action skills with clever game strategies that depend on the environmental map and its objects.

• Real-time Multiplayer platform gameplay
• Quick 3-minute battles with up to four people
• Play against friends or randomly matched opponents
• Innovative in-game point system and leaderboard that rewards stealth and damage
• Networked ragdoll ensures crazy avatar reactions
• Self-TooniesTM transpose your selfie onto your in-game 3D avatar
• Real-time chat system to plan your games against friends
• Progress to unlock and upgrade weapons and avatar customizations
• Skill based matchmaking for more evenly matched battles
02-01-2016, 11:45 AM
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Promo screen shots

In game zoomed up screenshots