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[Free] Bad Flower Tale (by Triniti Stars)

02-04-2016, 10:54 PM
[Free] Bad Flower Tale (by Triniti Stars)

Bad Flower Tale is available for Android NOW!


Pulling Kingdom, a kingdom of flowers, has been peaceful for a long time. Many flowers and trees got along well and they were happy. However, something terrible has happened to Pulling Kingdom. Pullings suddenly have turned evil as if they were cursed. These mean Pullings went around vandalizing and bullying the nice Pullings.

The King of the Pulling Kingdom was confused because he did not know what was going on. He was concerned since he did not know how to punish the evil Pullings. The council said that they should ask the wizard Miming from the Pulling Forest. Miming, after receiving the king’s request, has found out a shocking truth while trying to figure out why Pullings have turned evil…
The wicked wizard Bug has been cursing the Pulling Kingdom from afar. After finding out what has been going on, Miming left with the forest fairies on an adventure to save the Pulling Kingdom…

Miming starts to save the Pulling Kingdom by punishing the evil ones. Bug then sends Error Pullings in order to stop Miming from save the kingdom.

The battle between Miming and Bug is about to begin!
- crossword puzzle
- various specialized block puzzle
- strategy prediction game that make you smarter
- social competition with friends

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02-04-2016, 10:55 PM
Bad Flower Tale Trailer

Check out the Trailer for Bad Flower Tale!