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Madrobot - Old School Pixelart Shmup by Netox

02-07-2016, 12:47 PM
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Madrobot - Old School Pixelart Shmup by Netox

Hi! I want introduce to you my first game for iOS, Madrobot is a retro shmup. I hope release this game in a few weeks, if you like follow me on twitter(https://twitter.com/josegmneto) to get more frequent updates and release date when ready.

The game will be free with Premium unlock.

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02-07-2016, 07:20 PM
This looks super awesome! Love the music, too!

02-07-2016, 07:28 PM
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Great work Netox! Waiting to play it!
02-07-2016, 09:26 PM
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Oh yeah! That robot iz mad
02-07-2016, 09:41 PM
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I'm game

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02-08-2016, 05:03 AM
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Nice, will try it!
02-08-2016, 11:20 AM
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Lucks fun! Good luck!!

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02-10-2016, 05:50 AM
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Thanks for the support One more screen with the special power

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03-02-2016, 05:32 PM
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Release Date


Madrobot now have a release date 2016-03-02, I hope you enjoy! To Know more about my expectation about the game, there is a article in SlideDB: http://www.slidedb.com/games/madrobot

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