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App description: Counterterrorism continues with the new sequel of our popular Action of Mayday first person shooter (FPS) game. In this unique next-generation FPS game, Action of Mayday: SWAT Team, you will play as James, a special SWAT Team cop who has some incredible shooting and martial arts skills. You and your squad mates receive instructions from SWAT Team HQ to investigate multiple terrorist attacks across the region. The story continues as the team dives deep into the heart of terrorist activities

*IMPORTANT: IPad 3 (or newer), iPhone 5 (or newer), iPad Mini 2 (or newer) or iPod Touch 6 are recommended for this game.*


First-time innovation for any FPS game: Auto-aiming and shooting power-up technology. You have to see it to believe.
Use the instant-kill melee weapon to kill melee enemies for more excitement
Awesome 3D graphics
Follow the storyline to complete 72 well-designed adventure missions
Collect and equip yourself with over 30 famous handguns, machine guns, sniper rifles, assault rifles, and rockets, including the Desert Eagle, AK-47, M16, Gatlin, Frostwolf, RPD, and our-own invented Sci-Fi guns
Elated slow motion technologies to add more excitement to the shooting
5 Power-ups: Medic Kit, Slow-Motion, Adrenaline, C4 Bomb, and Rambo
8 squad mates to collect and upgrade
More than 30 enemies with different skills, strengths, and abilities to make fighting terrorists more thrilling than ever
Intense BOSS Fight and much more
Complete missions or save survivors to earn bonus coins to buy/upgrade weapons or buy optional power-ups.
Play additional Fruit Mode and Endless mode for more ways to earn free coins and power-ups
More characters, missions, maps, and weapons are coming soon

Techzamazing's comments:

02-07-2016, 03:29 PM
I played it. It is very IAP focused. I gave it a shot and the actual gameplay elements are fun. There are IAP to remove the ads and double earnings which are cheap however there is a crushing energy system and there is absolutely no way to make a single purchase to get rid of it. All you can do is wait ten minutes per energy bar or pay to fully charge up.

So the game is uninstalled. They make nothing from me. I would have made the other purchases so it's their loss.

02-09-2016, 07:32 AM
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Pros: Game visual and graphics are good. Controls are really easy.

Cons: Annoying ads while playing in game. Sometimes ads randomly pop-up in the middle of the fight. But it has IAP which will removed ads.

It's a free game, so why not give it a try guys.

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02-09-2016, 09:30 AM
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Ahh the first and second reviews of the game made me first go "Oh I should avoid this" and then "wow I want to try it!" It does look cool (love the SWAT designs) and the game looks really fun but timers?... ughh.

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