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2 fellow devs: please share your exp with new iTunes automatic relase functionality

02-09-2016, 05:33 AM
2 fellow devs: please share your exp with new iTunes automatic relase functionality

Hi guys,

I've noticed that the old way to automatically release your game on a specific date no longer works normally.

Earlier after approval of a new game you could select a date in the future. This worked completely predictable. The game appeared on NZ app store and then on other app stores as soon as the planned data came into those regions.

Now it seems to be quite weird.

I've experienced that with a few other games before and the same is with the game that goes out this week. The automatic release date is set to 10th of Feb. And it is already 10th in NZ, but neither the gams is visible, nor it has changes status to "ready for sale" yet.

So I wondering how it works now and this is completely unclear as there is no info on that anywhere in the iTunes docs.

Seems like now it is being scheduled by a local time zone of either your account or your browser - and the same thing is happening with price changes that happen on weird times that are now seems to be in a no way related to the 00:00 of NZ or US.

Seems like games are now released either by your local time or by the time you've submitted them, although on a speficied date in the future.

Will appreciate if you share your thoughts folks.
02-09-2016, 01:09 PM
Yea I noticed it looked a bit weird too if anyone has info on this I'd love to know too
02-09-2016, 04:28 PM
So far it now happens by either the local time of the account or the local time of your browser - in my case the middle EU time.

Next time will try posting it using US time zone in the browser to check how it really works.

And it becomes avilable worldwide, not just in NZ or a time zone you've used.