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App description: Shoot for the moon with Boxy Build!

Drag boxes to build as high as you can, while avoiding dangerous objects that will destroy your tower!

Double tap to use bubbles to destroy dangerous objects, but use them wisely!

Do you think you are worthy to make it to the moon? A mysterious LEGENDARY MODE awaits all whom the Gods of the Land of Unbuilt Boxes deem fit.

Build your tower to make the WHOLE WORLD take note of you. You always knew you were different, now is the time to prove yourself.

Come play the soon to be #1 viral smash hit!

"Boxy Build is a fun arcade game with funky music to keep you moving." - Sandy Stachowiak - Appadvice.com

"I'm definitely failing University" - Oxzide - Yik Yak

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Screaming Goat Studios's comments:
Hey there Everyone!

We've recently released our newest game into the App Store, its called Boxy Build!

It's a fast paced tower building game that we really hope you enjoy as much as we did making it! If you'd like to check it out and give us your honest opinions we'd really appreciate it (and please don't hold back on any negative things you might find, we want to make it as good as possible!)

You play the game by dragging boxes and stacking them, while trying to avoid the dangerous objects that come into play. You start off your first game with 10 "Bubbles" which will destroy an object when you double tap next to it! However once they are gone, you'll have to use the coins you've earned to buy more!

Our High Score is 21, let us know if you beat it!!

Thank you very much for giving us some of your time by reading this,

- Screaming Goat Studios
05-17-2016, 08:20 AM
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Just to let everyone know that we've released quite a few updates for the game since this was posted here. There's now a tutorial level explaining how to play, and completely redesigned menus. Hope you could give us some feedback on what's good/bad about our game!