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App description: A dead man's soul cries out against the force of a ferocious blizzard. He cries for help. He cries for answers. Then he screams as he is torn apart like damp tissue paper.

This wasn't the first time, and it won't be the last.

The police are powerless to stop it, so the duty falls to the only ones who can. What force could be so powerful and so malevolent that it would destroy the very core of a life in order to get what it wants? Rosa Blackwell and Joey Mallone mean to find out, even if it means risking themselves in the process.

The thrilling final game in the Blackwell series - "Blackwell 1: Legacy," "Blackwell 2: Unbound," "Blackwell 3: Convergence," and "Blackwell 4: Deception."

Rock Paper Shotgun - "It's pretty much the perfect ending, both wrapping up and nailing a series that's been going from strength to strength since it first appeared way back in 2006."

PC Gamer - "The high-point of a consistently strong series, and a great showcase of adventure game design that fits the story's theme." [82%]

Gazebo - "The Blackwell Epiphany powerfully and poetically concludes a game series which has lasted nearly a decade." [4/5]

Indiegames.com - "It nails the tone, raises the stakes, brilliantly concludes the over-arching story and looks better than ever."

RPGFan - "I'm delighted that the final game in the series capitalizes on all that came before and delivers a solid, satisfying ending." [85%]
02-18-2016, 12:32 AM
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Finished this one last year. Great ending to a great series.

02-18-2016, 12:38 AM
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Originally Posted by coderkid View Post
Finished this one last year. Great ending to a great series.
Yeah, the Blackwell games don't get much love on TA, but they really are on another level.

Everyone's favorite chamber of death, doom and decomposition.
02-18-2016, 03:49 AM
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Yes, yes, yes, the last part of this great series is here!
Highly recommended if you like adventures!
02-18-2016, 05:44 AM
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Bought every single game
Which was on sale .. Hope i will enjoy them all i love point and click
So i hope it will be cool
02-18-2016, 06:20 AM
I've been waiting for this. Absolutely adore this series.
02-18-2016, 09:14 AM
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Bought it, but wow, it's 1.7GB on my device :O

A note: I had bought all previous releases full price, and when I searched for this on iTunes the Bundle actually came up first in the list. I clicked the bundle and it gave me the option of completing the bundle for a few cents less than the actual cost, so just wanted to give the heads up to people in case you'd be in the same situation, as every cent helps