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App description: Build your own city with the app Town Maker Plus!

With Town Maker Plus, you can simulate the building of your city.
There are also many new features like being able to synthesize your buildings and change its color or direction.
You can even give them luxurious upgrades to decorate and customize your city!

The interesting and charming citizens of your town will help out and give you advice of all sorts.
There are also many more features including cooperative missions and events that you can complete with your friends!

Fulfill the requests of your citizens as you increase the population and cooperate with your friends to develop your very own city!


Cooperate with friends to complete missions!
Fires can erupt in town. Thieves can appear to create all kinds of havoc.
Cooperate with friends to solve these problems and get rewards by completing missions!

Fulfill the requests of your citizens!
There are all kinds of characters that live in your town.
Theyll mention some hints or specific requests to help you develop your city some more.
Constructing special buildings will have firefighters and police officers appear, helping you greatly on missions!

Enjoy decorating your city!
You can change the direction of your buildings and their color, too.
Upgrade the buildings to give them a luxurious makeover to further customize your town!

Synthesize buildings together to create a completely new building!
When you combine related buildings together, you can synthesize them together to create something entirely new.
Listen to the hints from the citizens and exchange information with friends to find what buildings can be synthesized together!

* "Town Maker Plus" is free-to-play, with some fee-based in-game items.

* As "Town Maker Plus" is an online game, an internet connection is required to play.

* OS:iOS 6 and above is required

*This application requires certain specifications.
Please check the required and recommended specifications we have mentioned.

frashart's comments:
a absolutely addicting city-building game finally came out in japan. here's my animated cartoon review of the game.

02-18-2016, 12:03 PM
Now if you asked me what game was being played i havent a clue, i was watching cartoon girl and man!!!!

EA mobile Game Changer member + Streamer