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App description: Bounce your ball between two paddles, get a highscore and challenge your friends! Collect coins and unlock various balls. How long can you survive?

Infiniball is a challenging, single-player variation of one of the oldest game known. Avoid obstacles and try to keep your ball between paddles as long as you can, only your skill matters! Unlock all 20 balls to complete the game.

This game is completely free to play, and fair: get any coins pack to remove ads, watch volunteer video ads to get coins or revive.

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Twitter: @oneminutegames

OneMinuteGames's comments:

Today I released my new game, Infiniball - you can play for free.
It is a nice distraction and a side project after work hours. Me and my friends enjoyed it, so I put some effort into it to launch it "properly" on the AppStore.

Here we go:

Game is easy: how long can you keep ball between paddles? How many times you can bounce it? A lot? Then share it with your friends and challenge them.

And here is the AppStore link:

Enjoy and tell me what you think
06-21-2016, 07:47 AM
Joined: Oct 2014
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Tried it out and I could see this be fun if it had a multiplayer where each player controls a panel (on one screen/device).

As it is it for a few minutes, before it gets boring. The unlocks are priced to high for me to. Other playing that much. Graphics are very clean and the game plays very smoothly so well done on that part. Seems very, very basic though, too basic to keep me interested . Enjoyed the 5 minutes though.