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App description: NOTE: This game is optimized for iPhone 5 or higher, iPad 3 or higher and iPod Touch 3rd generation, lower equipment operation is not recommended.


In the year 2.000, the World of Umi was invaded by the God of Darkness.

Sensei JR created five fighter Jets for Umi and his friends, these jets were built with powerful weapons, and with them, they defeated all the enemies that were destroying everything, including ten mechanical beasts who surrounded the bridges of the cities.

These Fighter Jets were placed in a museum, as symbols of peace. Fifteen years later, The God of Darkness returned, stronger than ever before, with ten new and more powerful mechanical Beasts and their armies.

Aca, Roco, Edy and Mu joined Umi to fight one more time. They went to the museum, and found out that their Fighter Jets were in bad shape and useless. But suddenly, Sensei JR appears, and asks the team to follow him to a cave ...

They found a very famous character there, next to a hangar, with five new Jet Fighters, very powerful and completely unknown to them. He is none other than Sensei Nagai himself! he said to them: "These are my best creations, taken from my world of Anime and Manga: Jet Pilder, Brain Condor, Getters I, II and III. I give them to you to defeat the God of Darkness, Hades, Mikenes empire and their mechanical Beasts. You must destroy them all costs for the future of humanity!".


UMI Force Unlimited is an arcade game of frenetic action where you can fly 10 Jet Fighters with different characteristics and armament. The game contains 20 levels with a tremendous difficulty but with an action that will leave stuck to it to get to be among the best with the best score in the world.

In each level you must destroy everything that appears on the screen, you have to be aware of recharge fuel which in each cycle of the game is lost in a faster way. At the end of each level you're going to deal with a mechanical beast that after being beaten you will give way to destroy the bridge to pass level. These Final Bosses have different routines of attacks and very powerful weapons, so it accumulates enough lives within the level before facing them because otherwise you will be easily defeated.

Become next to Umi and his friends the best fighter against the forces of Hades and the Mikene Empire!
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Hello everyone

This is my second game in the AppStore and as a good dreamer think it is a good game. But as to many here it happens to us that it is very difficult by the amount of games that are now released daily to build community. Now I want to make a strong update and I would love to receive feedback on the part of you, play my game and sincerely say that they believe that it is missing, that would make you or if simply the game seem good with potential or is a disgusting, lol