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  • Publisher: Bulldozer Games
  • Genre: Arcade
  • Device: iPhone
  • Size: 48.7 MB
  • Version: 2.1.2
  • Price: Free
  • Average User Rating:
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App description: **Indie Game Garage Winner**

Smashy Brick is a brick breaking game where you draw trampolines to bounce smashies at brick-formations. Help Flamey and his friends destroy the galaxy, brick by brick!

- 90 hand crafted levels
- 13 unique characters to collect
- Free to play

Independently developed with love by a small team of students from the University of Washington in Seattle.

This is our first game, so let us know what you think!

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Boardumb's comments:

03-03-2016, 04:52 PM
My soft spot for breakers let me try out three little games today.
While Brick Rage and Frenzy Ball are too fast or nervous for me, i definitely stick to this one for a while.

For me, it has an adorable art style, responsive controls and some nice effects going on. Though shooting something precisely with a finger drawn trampoline is always a difficult task, i'm getting better the more i play.
The trampolines are limited to each level (9,14,18, ..), trying to get 3 stars.

The cute default character can be played endless times, cool, while the unlockables (with special abilities) have 3 hearts. Revive them all by watching a video.
To unlock a new one seems sometimes harder than beating a level. Drop a coin in a Pachinko and hope it will be catched by a basket. Some folks will be raging, lol.

If you like the gameplay mix, give it a free try. Installed MB 90.

I forgot the Piggy Bank (here Greedy, lol) for $3 gives you unlimited hearts, though i'm not sure how this works exactly.

Edit: it's sort of a "drops more coins" iap, but ONLY for this character, and it comes with a very annoying talking man voice. Unsatisfying investment this was. Oh well, i call it toftt.

Edit my edit: went for a refund. Missleading description. Could be my 4th in seven ios years.

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03-05-2016, 09:42 AM
Somehow i feel obliged, though no traffic here, to straighten some stuff out from my first post. And because i really adore this game now!

The Devs answered my email very quickly and with class. Chapeau!

IOS speaking...
My two moody days, after falling into a deep empty black hole when finishing Last Socks, let me TOTALLY overlook the very challenging and deeper going gameplay brilliance in this simple but "huge" little sleeper. Unfortunately it's only a little niche genre, or simply another one of zillions free games every day.

You can steer against the more and more involving luck based Pachinko style in later levels by choosing the right character with his optimized powerup/ability to each level. Finding this out gives not only the completionist a huge replay value. Really cleverly designed, University of Seattle.
But you will have to invest some time to discover these little secrets and to unlock all those little heroes, too.

Not lying here, but imho, the coin income without Greedy is extremely low, the in-game achievement rewards used up fast, and with every new possible unlockable character for 50 coins, the Pachinko machine gets harder (new layout everytime) to catch the falling coin. Extremely harder. I waisted so many coins already...this i clearly going towards the iap to unlock the characters for real cash...don't rage yet, read along please!

Concerning me, the Devs offer a fair free game that can be played endlessly with the default Flamey. Anytime and as long as you want. Top in my book! Watch a video to revive all unlocked characters at once (3 hearts each) or pay 25 coins to refill the 3 hearts of your favorite hero.

Ability examples:
The $3 Greedy turns all bricks into coins for about 3 seconds (if the powerup exists on this level), than you collect as much as you can before the not collected coins turn into bricks again. And the unlimited hearts (and coin ability) belong only to this pig.
This part wasn't clear defined and led to my missunderstanding.
My brain is already f2p programmed when having timed/hearts characters and an iap that says Unlimited Hearts, which i immediately associated with a full unlock.
Would you have thought the same?

The overdone male voice on Greedy will be reduced in an update.
Whew, thanks!

More abilities (and not useless hats, costumes and looks only)
- Spooky goes through walls first and you'll have to activate him on time to materialize him again.
- Cacty shots some needles by a tap on the screen.
- Blowfish gets big (automaticly) and soars up once before coming down small again.

Every characters has its remarquable ability, and it's up to you to find out who fits to which stage the best to finally achieve those never easy 3-stars.
(Btw, the 12th hero is hidden)

Hmm, unlocking the two other worlds.
I did the 2nd world for 70 stars (out of possible 90) but 150/180 for the 3rd world will be a loooong path filled with patience, luck, trial and error.

While the controls are responsive, they need quite some time for you to get better. Hitting in the middle of a line speeds the hero up, hitting on the very outside slows him drastically down. Sometimes i sacrifice a line to get into position again. Any recoil from an obstacles can lead to a life loss. This game demands very quick reaction time.

I should have waited for my refund (received btw), because now i see clear again and how much i adore this hardcore game paired with some Pachinko luck.

Oh, i think it's not universal, sigh.

Edit: i just received another email. A little part out of it...
"We are introducing a new feature in our next update you might like. If you play a smashy long enough, it begins to love you, and grows more hearts. If it loves you enough, you will be able to unlock unlimited hearts for it."

I'm getting way better by playing a lot, and i also unlocked all 11 availble characters (hmm, where's the 12th from the description?)
Both helped me to reach those 150 stars faster than i initially thought. Unfortunately there seems to be a bug, because there is no button shown to unlock the third world, damn.

What wrong with me lately, lol. I had to beat the last level 2-30 first go open the last world.

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03-05-2016, 10:05 AM
Joined: Oct 2013
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I've been playing this a bit last night and really enjoying it.

Those updates sound really cool and I can't wait for them.

Thanks for sharing there reply
03-05-2016, 02:11 PM
I love brick breaking games and honestly this is the first one where you actually draw the trampoline and I absolutely love it! It really makes this game fun and unique.

I would ask for an IAP to have unlimited hearts on all the characters. I absolutely do not like that hearts system. I won't watch ads to replenish hearts or timers. Let me pay one price so I can play the game how I like. It takes away from the game and why I can't give it 5 stars.


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03-17-2016, 07:02 PM
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Hello everyone. Developer here. Thanks so much for the discussion and feedback. We have employed the new hearts system that allows smashies more (and eventually unlimited) hearts. Adding in a IAP to just buy unlimited hearts for all smashies is a good idea, and one we're considering. We plan to continue improving the game and adding functionality so please don't hesitate to chime in with additional feedback!
03-22-2016, 06:54 AM
Welcome tylersbrown to TA!

I completely missed your appearance here. No traffic, unfortunately.

I finally beat the last level 3-30 and unlocked this beautiful challenging boss fight. Since there is an achievement to beat him with every character, i'll stick with the default Flamey first.
Whew, no walk in the park.
Now i'd wish there would have been little bosses on the other two worlds too.

Hopefully there were enough downloads for you to justify the 4th world still coming.

Btw, i'm getting slowly closer to the achievement "watch 25 ads". Usually this would need 25 f2p games for me, at least, but i still feel bad about my rage and iap refund. This way i try to make it up to you a bit.

Edit: unlocked Steve, the 12th character. Surprising controls, thanks.

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02-25-2017, 09:16 PM
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Help! Bought character, not able to use!!!

. PLEASE HELP! I bought Cacty and I am not able to use! Please help!