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App description: Hello Commander! Its the most popular card game which is with anime warship girls.

Navy Girls is centered on building squadrons composed of individual characters represented as cards with different attributes. Each of the characters is naval warships which are depicted as cute girls. Do not miss the chance to play with the lovely girls.
The navy girls are ready for you. Dispatch them as you want!

*Two dimension cute girls*
The navy girls are the anime characters. Collect the cute girls to fight for you.
*Original Anime Voice*
The original voice actors give you the chance to enjoy the original anime voice which is from the cute girls. It will give you a different experience.
*Famous Naval Wars*
Navy Girls provides the most famous naval wars to let you join the history and bring back the history. Just fight!
*Girls Evolution*
You can own the different types of warships as you want. The warships are the cute girls. You can level up your warships and be the strongest one.
*Battleship Recycle*
You can recycle the equipments of your battleships to exchange other resources to level up your warships in a better way.
*Skill System*
You have the chance to release the coolest skills. Give the powerful action skill a try and you shall be amazed!
*Military Rank*
Do you want to be a General? Dont worry, as long as you pass the instances, you will get the Military Rank medals.
*Various PVE Instances*
You can not only join the naval wars to raid the instances, but beat down the bosses to get the EXP and equipments.
*Excellent PVP System*
Except for various PVE game plays in the game, there is also PVP play. Use your finger to beat down the enemies.

What are you waiting for? Such a chance must not be missed!
03-08-2016, 09:40 AM
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Well, always did want to try Kancolle. Nice of a mobile dev to make a clone so I can play the next best thing.

I love the screenshot that just says "THE ORIGINAL ANIME CHARACTERS". Because they're totally original characters guiz.

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03-08-2016, 09:53 AM
Joined: Apr 2010
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Holy. This is in English.
03-09-2016, 11:41 PM
Joined: Oct 2012
Posts: 657
Actually thought this was the real Kantai Collection spin off game for a second.
03-10-2016, 02:00 AM
That's some sweet Engrish.
03-10-2016, 05:08 AM
Joined: Jan 2011
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If u enjoy the genre take a look, it's actually pretty good

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03-10-2016, 09:41 PM
Dang it I thought this was legit.